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Isolated Vintage Glass Eye Wash Rinse Cup - Image

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That is just a drop in the bucket. An antique eye wash cup was usually made of glass, although aluminum appeared around the turn of the twentieth century. Collyrium soothing eye lotion glass eye wash cups, ink bottles and perfume bottles. The seam stops above the shoulder.

Vintage Eye wash glass

Storing your herbal creations and oils is easy with the help of our extensive range of bottles and jars. AroundWyeth Laboratories in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the US registered a weak boric acid solution called Collyrium they had been producing since the early s. The cup should be filled and applied to the eye, creating a seal around the rim. While some modern cups are reusable, it is possible to purchase disposable single-use units. However, there are many other sources for cobalt blue sea glass such as ice water pastry bottle rolling pins, Collyrium soothing eye lotion, glass eye wash cups.

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Download this vihtage image: We offer bottles in all shapes, sizes. Amber or cobalt glass bottles are recommended over a clear glass bottle. For inflammation of the eyes, use it to bathe the eyes with an eye cup or put a drop in. This posting is for a Cobalt blue elder flower lotion. Browse the best of eBay, connect with other collectors, and explore the history behind your favorite finds. I have many many more.

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