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Whilst a can arrive anything someone zss the city but I magnified to hear a best moan of my bad mother. I removed my emotions and tried to find from where the main picked. One of the men also saw near me and knew me up horny my sexual.

Oh my god I thought, she is actually going to cum in a fuck. She was not allowing him to move. Probably he was gloating over his conquest.

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He withdrew from her. His pole still erect, hungry and glistening with the liquids. Is he exhibiting that grl is the master asss the situation and that she is his slave? Lopking mother got up unwillingly; she might want to lie down for some time to savor her Lookin. But he thrust his black thick pole towards her. I understood that by making her lick and suck her own juices he is taking a lot ass pleasure in the very act itself. Her tongue slowly licked his pole of all her juices ads then he went in to her mouth smoothly. Gurl time there was no choking. My mother moved her mouth all over his pole. Her head moving up and down on his pole. Her moj was loose now. Her face was totally covered by her hair.

We could only see the movement. She was moving very fast, probably to make him cum fast. He realized that and held her head to slow down. He held her head still and started fucking her as if it was all that mattered to him. Again his rod was hitting the throat and causing pain, he was oblivious to that, his pace increased, probably he was about to cum, and as suddenly he stopped, he told her to lie on the bed. His jerks slowed down. She neither moved nor said anything. I looked at the other two and was shocked to see that one of them was filming the whole thing. Did my mother observe this? What are they going to do with the film? As I was wondering about this I saw the other tall person reach the bed.

The one who mounted her so far already was up and lighting a cigarette. I looked at the 2nd person. His limp penis is now erect again. He casually stepped out of his jeans and walked up to me. Then there was derisive laughter all around. She was aghast at what to do. Oh my god, I thought my sister will be fucked and still she is a teen, what will happen to her. The one who came near me just lifted my nighty and out of fear I raised my hands allowing him to take it out and he threw it aside. I had a panty and a petticoat.

He stepped back and looked at me. Every ca,l said I looked beautiful. I had a breast that pointed out and the 32 size attracted immediate attention. I exercised regularly and my body showed it. He told me to remove my panty. I was hesitant but slowly I removed my panty. Now only the petticoat was covering my fair body.

Unknowingly my nips felt hard. My mother was open mouthed. He went back and sat on the other bed. He told me to come and sit between his legs. He siganalled the other to go ahead with my mother. The tall man was naked by this time. He told my mother to lie on her stomach on the edge of the bed. I was sitting between the leg and his rod was rubbing over the back of my neck. It was a strange sensation to feel that monster which will in a while tear me apart. I was a virgin and I know that it will be very painful when it penetrates me. He separated the ass cheeks of my mother.

I understood his intention. He is going to fuck her ass hole.

My clit was going hard against his thick rod. I inhibited back on the bed.

I read about it. Oh god I thought, will she stand it. He asked my sister to give him any liquid lotion. She gave a bottle and he poured it over her ass cheeks and rubbed it into her ass hole. His penis was a bit small when compared to others probably 7 inches but it was as thick. He bent down and placed it near her hole and pushed. It must be very painful for she was screaming at the top of her lungs. He paid little attention to her screams. I could feel the rod at my back becoming hot and restless. It must be giving him a kick. His hand was on my left breast. He was caressing it and slowly pinching my nip.

His other hand was rubbing my shoulder. He was moving in and out slowly as if he cared a lot about her pain. In a few moments there were no screams at all. He was increasing the pace. His strokes were pushing her forward and she was smashing the bed. His hands moved and were holding the two breasts as if for support. He was crushing them. I heard muffled painful moans. Then one of his hands went under her. Was he holding her clit? The pressure on Looking for ass mom call girl nipples increased. He pulled me up and made me sit in his lap. Now the rock hard thing was touching my ass. His body was touching me, his hand slowly slid down to my thigh.

It was Looking for ass mom call girl over it and it was producing some strange sensations in my body. His tongue was licking my ear. His hand pushed my petticoat up and was groping for the opening or rather he was lightly rubbing the whole area. The latent fires in my body were stoked. I was trying hard to keep still but it was proving an impossible task. I looked at my sister. She was alone and looking at my mother and me alternatively. My mother seemed to have lost all sense of the situation. Probably her clit is too sensitive and she will lose herself if that is touched. Now his thrusts were powerful and deep, still she was responding.

The white delicate body of my mother under the dark muscular body of him was surreal. She was rich and educated, he was black, rough. He was supposing to be raping her, but no one who witnessed it would call that a sex. Her thrusts and moans have made me shed my inhibitions, any way my body was responding to his caressing. His hands were now roaming freely everywhere. My body wanted something more. My hand gripped his hand. My grip probably conveyed the urge building in my body. He took my hand and placed it on his thick hot penis. To feel it was totally electric. It seemed life was pulsating in it.

It seemed much bigger than I imagined. He made me move my hands move over it. His breath becoming much thicker. His finger went into my love hole. I gasped as he separated the vaginal lips. Small tremors ran all over my body. His finger was playing with the vaginal tip. I moved my waist. It went a bit deeper probing it. I wanted it to go much deeper. Suddenly his fingers caught my clit and squeezed it slightly. All my nerves seemed to be jumping up and down. I squeezed my thighs. The man stopped for a brief moment and again started riding her. There seemed some urgency in his fucking. Then he banged into her and clung to her.

Just stayed there flat on her stomach. He made me get up and took me to the bed on which my mother was sprawled and my sister was sitting. From her looks I understood that my sister is aroused. There is neither shame nor fear in her looks. Her thighs were squeezed tightly together. The one with camera handed it to the dark one who fucked my mother and went near my sister. I was thrown on the bed, my petticoat over my waist. He tore the petticoat in the middle and I was stark naked. Again fear cropped up inside me. My mother by now was up and looking dazed. He came over me and told me to spread my legs. I spread them hesitatingly. He came between my legs and his hand went to my pussy. He held the clit and started squeezing it again.

The fires roared again. I gasped and my lips opened partially. He bent down and started chewing my left nip lightly. My body was in convulsions. I know I was wet down there. All that I saw made me horny like never before. I wanted him to ride me, maul me. My body wanted some kind of punishment. My hands held his head. I wanted him to push that bastard pole inside me and plough me deep. He was not coming. He just went down and I felt his breath down there. His tongue was flicking at my vaginal lips like a snake does. I pressed his head towards my pussy. His tongue went to my clit teasing it, lightly rubbing it.

He seemed to want to hear this. I knew everyone must have been shocked. Then he seemed to adjust his pole near my hole. I could sense it. It was groping for the opening and found it. My body felt some kind of relief. I wanted him to have the whole cunt and tried to spread as wide as possible. He poked around and with a mighty thrust tore my hymen and implanted himself. A searing pain went around my vagina. I felt a soft hand holding my palm and knew my mother was there. He moved back a bit and my body reacted in a very unnatural way. My walls tried to tighten around it preventing its withdrawal.

He kept quiet for a while allowing my pain to die down. In a few moments the pain was gone. I opened my eyes to find him looking down at me. He was like a king who conquered a new territory. And he started with slow jerks, each one sending his rod a bit inside. Each one rubbing my walls and producing electric shocks all over my body. He was slow, he was savoring his conquest or he wanted me to enjoy the fuck. I could feel my walls stretching and stretching to allow him to mount me. I raised my legs and he thrust strongly. Some sounds escaped my lips. He was still only two thirds in. He wanted to fully penetrate me.

So he was giving strong deep thrusts. My body was moving up and down with his thrusts. I turned to look at her. The fourth of the group, the tallest of all the three was stark naked and threw her on the bed. He was pulling her legs roughly. It was really big. Much bigger than the three I saw today. More than 10 inches, the thought flashed in me. He threw himself on her and with a mighty thrust planted himself inside her. Her hand again found mine. We clasped together and started enjoying the fuck. I was aroused beyond any limit. I wanted deep thrusts. My mother was in pleasure and pain with the huge monster tearing her. His pole almost inside me. He moved it and it rubbed on my clit.

I wanted to hold him with both my hands but my mother was clutching mine in a hard grip. I pulled it free and held his shoulders. My mother was not happy to release my hand. She needs my hand to bear the unbearable pleasure she is having. She took one of my breasts in his hand and started to oppress it for support. My fucker was now in a ravaging mood. My clit was rubbing hard against his thick rod. I felt many sensations building inside me. I could feel my walls stretching and closing with each thrust and withdrawal. To my surprise I was moaning loudly. He again bit them applying more pressure. Probably he wanted to hear this. He held both my legs and went deep, almost crushing me beneath his weight.

His rod crushing my clit. Some thing welled up inside. A series of pleasure waves broke through and came to surface shaking my body with them. All my muscles stiffened to trap the pleasure inside them. I realized it was the orgasm that I read. It was nothing like I read. Much more beautiful, I wanted it to last forever. My orgasm reached the peak and I was clutching him hard. Slowly it ebbed and faded leaving me limp and weak and crumpled. I opened my eyes and looked at him thankfully for the very wonderful experience. I forgot about my mother and my sister all the while. Nothing was there in my mind.

Slowly I regained my control and looked around. The biggest penis was riding her non stop. My mother stopped screaming and she was in fact moaning. But this time her body seemed tired. It was passively receiving the thrusts. Her one hand was still oppress one of my soft breasts for support. I turned and looked at my sister. What a shock it was to me. My sister was without her nighty. She was sucking the cock of the Mr. Singh She was doing it willfully. The captain started his ride again. I gave up my body to him and passively received his thrusts. I wanted him to cum fast. I just wanted to lie down and sleep. But it was not to be. He took a long time to cum. My body got bruised.

When finally he came I was relieved. Meanwhile my mother had another orgasm again as predicted. He too came inside. I turned aside to sleep. But I was foolish. Singh waiting, immediately he got inside and fucked me like a mad buffalo. I screamed, moaned and finally came. Then they stopped for some time. They opened beer bottles and smoked. PIN Our daughter is getting to the age where she is learning the words for body parts. She can say and identify "eye," "nose," "mouth," "ear," "hand," "foot," and "head. Do we use the proper terms for private parts, or do we assign them cutesy names? Advertisement Before making any decisions, I decided to take a Facebook poll of my fellow parents.

I asked what names they used for the children's boy and girl parts, and also what names their parents had used when they were little. Although I got some hilarious responses, as you can imagine, the answers weren't as all over the map as I expected. Overwhelmingly, it seems that moms and dads today -- at least among those I unscientifically polled -- teach their children the proper terms for their private parts: One mom asked, "Why call an elbow anything but an elbow? The primary reasons parents gave for not using the proper terms with their little ones seemed to be related to their own discomfort. It seemed that they weren't ready to hear those grownup words come out of their toddler's mouths.

I also heard tales of children loudly talking about their itchy vaginas or sore penises in public. But again, it seemed that the discomfort laid with the parents. The children clearly hadn't yet been tainted by any societal issues about sexuality. I also learned of a couple of sobering new reasons to use proper words that I hadn't before heard. Apparently, some pedophiles are turned off when potential victims use clinical terms for body parts. I guess a 3-year-old talking about his penis is not as attractive as one talking about his "wee wee".

Additionally, it seems that it's easier to obtain specific testimony from young victims of sexual abuse when proper terms are used. There's no room for interpretation when a child is talking about his penis or her vagina. However, discussion about a "foo foo" or a "pea pod" could leave room for interpretation. Another reason to use proper terms would be to eliminate any confusion for the child. One mom told me that she always called her own downstairs area her "cookie". So when she had a little girl, she unthinkingly referred to the little girl's business as her cookie. The little girl's eyes immediately lit up and she excitedly said, "Cookie?!

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