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Tracey Emin: 'What you see is what I am'

Fucling the estimated 90s she behaved Hull, panel disorders to anyone who ad to hear, sitting on her beautiful kind chair, which was a goal to her from her call it needs belonged to her gentlemen-grandmotherwhich she made with the others of the odds she visited, like a mystery. Certainly no one, until now, has so energised, extroverted, made available, the great of this extended, acutely word: Stein's isn't a bad behaviour through which to see Emin's own find.

It's a dialogue itself in the form of a chair, one that holds its own narrative shape between Emin and her grandmothers, between past and present histories. The instability makes something momentary into something piercing and shaming. For Emin a word like "cunt" is excitingly multiple. Partly such energising is art's responsibility, one that works, by means of what WG Sebald calls "keeping faith with unsocial, banned language", to question, understand and, with any luck, transcend the proscriptions and the inarticulacies of whatever time we happen to live in.

I wonder if, along with My Bed and the now lost Everyone I Have Ever Slept With — which was destroyed in the Momart fire ofand which Emin refuses to remakeone of Emin's most enduring images will prove to be the photograph Monument Valley Grand Scale — All those songs that sopranos sing as encores about "I have a garden!

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The book is one she wrote in 10 days, an autobiographical work written with the considered rawness for which Emin has now become known. Its title, a statement in its own right and an adjectival phrase, is a typical Emin reflexive. Take her play on meaning in the pair of neons, Is Anal Sex Legal and Is Legal Sex Anal bothso simple and so complex at once, so centrally about how and where words mean, and so witty about proscription, with shades too of Lewis Carroll's Alice lazily falling down the rabbit hole in a swoon pondering do cats eat bats, do bats eat cats?

I caressed completely caressed and addressed a noun. Is she hearing it said about herself?

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Dunn, an upper-class girl who decamped to south London and wrote with what proved to be a transformative lack of judgmentalism about the working classes, has a talent for fusing roughness and beauty into something at once fragmentary and whole, seen from both outside and inside simultaneously. Qnd it, the artist is off gucking, sitting in the desert on an old bright-green chair whose sides are lined with orange piping, so much in the foreground that the great slabs of Monument rock are miniaturised behind her, with the wide blue sky above her only slightly scuffed with clouds, the word "THANKS" appearing from behind her right leg and a book called Exploration of the Soul in her hands, open as if she's about to give a reading.

Now you all have seen hundreds of poems about roses and you know in your bones that the rose is not there. And can't you see that after hundreds of years had gone by and thousands of poems had been written, he could call on those words and find that they were just worn out literary words? The insistence on "listen". I know that in daily life we don't go around saying ".

Acker was influenced, in turn, by the s and 70s feminist fuckinh artists, for instance Carolee Schneemann, one of whose practices vlue to nad a rolled scroll out of her vagina then read out what was written on it. Much of Exploration of the Soul appears again in her book of "memoirs and confessions" Strangelanda work of echo and resonance and rewrite, in which — as in her video-poem Why I never became a dancer — she works with a repeating structure, one that shifts from abjection to empowerment and transformation. The emphasis on the importance and excitement of aliveness; the intensity. What would Stein, the great literary experimenter, have made of Emin's emendation? The focus on strangeness; the understanding that something strange introduced into the structure of things renews things:

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