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Coccygeal fossa[ edit ] The coccygeal fossa is a shallow depression fossa on the surface between the sacrum and the perineumlocated in the intergluteal cleft that runs from just below the sacrum to the perineum. Borders[ edit ] The lateral borders are thin and exhibit a series of small eminences, which represent the transverse processes of the coccygeal vertebrae. Of these, the first is the largest; it is flattened from before backward, and often ascends to join the lower part of the thin lateral edge of the sacrum, thus completing the foramen for the transmission of the anterior division of the fifth sacral nerve; the others diminish in size from above downward, and are often wanting.

It may be bifid divided into two.

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The posterior surface is convex, marked by transverse grooves similar to those on the anterior surface, and presents on either side a linear row of tubercles—the rudimentary articular processes of the coccygeal vertebrae. Of these, the superior pair are the largest, and are called the coccygeal cornua they project upward, and articulate with the cornua of the sacrum, and on either side complete the foramen for the transmission of the posterior division of the fifth sacral nerve. Apex[ edit ] The apex is rounded, and has attached to it the tendon of the external anal sphincter.

It extends over the lower part of the posterior surface of the sacrum and coccyx.

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The coccygeal fossa marks the deepest part xnal the pelvic floor, next anql the coccyx. Structure[ edit ] A coccyx with four vertebrae below the sacrum. In each of the first three segments may be traced a rudimentary body and articular and transverse processes; the last piece sometimes the third is a mere nodule of bone. Sacrococcygeal and intercoccygeal joints[ edit ] The joints are variable and may be: It articulates superiorly with the sacrum.

The transverse processes are most prominent and noticeable on the first coccygeal segment. It arises by tendinous fibers from the last segment of the sacrum, or first piece of the coccyx, and passes downward to be inserted into the lower part of the coccyx. In fact it has been shown that the coccyx may consist of up to five separate bony segments, the most common configuration being two or three segments. It gives attachment to the anterior sacrococcygeal ligament and the levatores ani and supports part of the rectum. Most anatomy books incorrectly state that the coccyx is normally fused in adults.

The coccyx is formed of either three, four or vree rudimentary vertebrae. All the segments lack pedicleslaminae and spinous processes. The borders of the coccyx are narrow, and give attachment on either side to the sacrotuberous and sacrospinous ligamentsto the coccygeus and levator ani in front of the ligaments, and to the gluteus maximus behind them.

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