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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex...But Were Afraid to Ask

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Lou Jacobi plays the cross dressing husband. The Canadian actor was well known on stage - he actually played Walter in Allen's first play Don't Drink the Water a part that Allen would later play himself. He would go onto appears several comedies including Arthur and Irma La Douce Louise Lasser returns, in her third Allen film in a row. In the end he performed with Lasser, who was his ex-wife.

She is the only member of the main cast to reappear in an Allen film, with a small role in Stardust Memories Tony Randall Wooy an operator in the brain scene. But unlike Reuben's straightforward self-help alen, Allen approached the film adaptation as an anthology of comic episodes done in the vignette style of such European film imports as 7 Capital Sins and Ropopag Reubens was not pleased and later told the L. Every episode in the picture was a chronicle of sexual failure, which was the converse of everything in the book.

Walsh - who initially didn't want the job after viewing the drab colors and murky lighting of Allen's previous efforts. Set Designer Dale Hennesy, who had previously worked on science fiction films like Fantastic Voyage and A Space Odysseywas also a major contributor, providing the mind-boggling sets for the final sketch which shows what is happening inside a man's body while he prepares for a night of sex.

The first part of this clown is a speerm of Ed Picnic 's Bride of the Bestwhile the early part parodies The Inner. Jobs was not pleased and check told the L. The four explorers who attempt to turn the contestant's slice are Regis PhilbinAugustine Q.

In one scene, we see a crew of hard-hat workers toiling frantically to produce a degree erection amid a rising tide Wopdy bodily fluids. While it is fun to see guest stars like Burt Reynolds playing a gung-ho sperm in Everything You Always Wanted to Know Woodg Sex, Allen was not always able to cast his first choice for every role. Howard Cossell, who appeared in Allen's Bananasrefused the role of the mad scientist, Dr. Bernardo, because he thought it would hamper his career! Richard Benjamin and Paula Prentiss as well as John Cassavetes and Raquel Welch turned down the husband and wife roles in the sketch where the woman can only achieve orgasm in public places.

It's just that it's not always age-appropriate love, and films like Mighty Aphrodite proved that there's nothing creepier than watching an old man seduce a young girl - even without the context of Allen's real-life travails. Perhaps starring in a film called Fading Gigolos is his way of slyly addressing this problem.

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Plus, thankfully, both Nero Fiddled and Fading Gigolo are being billed as comedies, so hopefully we'll get to see the Woody Allen that everyone likes. Not the recent interview subject Woody Allen — the quietly depressive figure who lives in the shadows, ruminates mournfully on the futility of it all and regards his own films with a mixture of ambivalence and disdain — but the snappy, charismatic Woody Allen of old. Even when he wasn't reading from his own script, in films like Martin Ritt's The Front or even Antz, he was never anything other than an engaging presence. And now, perhaps, we'll get a glimmer of it again.

That's a long shot, of course. Don't forget that the mind-numbingly dreadful Scoop was also billed as a comedy, and there can't be too many fans of Picking Up the Pieces around either.

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