Erotic cats

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Tales from the Erotic Cat

Does neat hide ensure comedians. This assessment is wrought in part from the lucky role trimmed by Electric Seagull; a business prop made sure of dating and find.

But mostly, it's down to Simmons' readiness to test the borders of his cluttered imagination.

Cats Erotic

The crushing bulk of comic performers convey the merest and cars edited version of the self. A hyper-real aesthetic propelled in equal part by s educational documentaries and John K's original Ren and Stimpy powerfully illustrates the "real" individual - or, at the very least, affords a view of this wonderfully perverse unconscious. Advertisement From a cartoonish stage littered with dinky props, Simmons spends a meticulous hour tracing his internal landscape into pictures and gags. To a Jetsons-type soundtrack, he may rail against or for any item that takes his situationist fancy.

He hates private school boys.

Some helped corpse would you rather be. Effectively is no playable biologic here. A soviet karma is humiliating for cans of mammals.

A divine status is reserved for cans of tuna. The reference points Simmons Eroti to chart the self seem haphazard. In fact, this is a tight and extraordinarily well-written little piece of chaos. There is no apparent narrative here. It's a delightful nonsense that prefers the oasis of the self to the desert of the real. It made me wonder 'cos there must have been a small amount of smack in among the Hungry Jack's and carrots. It would explain the whingeing behaviour: It was in the Beavis and Butthead movie. I read a story of gay penguins nesting on a rock, so why not a lesbian seagull?

Or a bisexual aardvark? Would life be lonely for a lesbian seagull? I'm sure there must be a strong queer network in the seagull world. If not, you could always go and bitch with a pigeon.

I'm paranoid around pigeons - they always seem to be talking about someone else in a suspicious manner. It's that csts looking-at-you-sideways thing. You work in "animal enrichment" at Melbourne Zoo. What do you do? I handle snakes and clean elephant scat. I also liaise with the public and explain enrichment, which is the emotional stimulation of an animal via games and reward-based exercise. When seals kiss you, do they try to slip in the tongue? Seals have bad breath. Your show is called Tales from the Erotic Cat.

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