Clone a thumb drive

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You can run portable version of programs and games, create Windows recovery disk, create Windows installation media, try open-source operating system, etc.

Because it is cheap and convenient, many users Clpne one or more USB drives for a certain purpose. Here comes an example: Is there any easy way to accomplish? With lots of times of plugin and plug-out, your USB drive can get infected by virus from a virus affected computer. To avoid data loss in these unexpected events, you can clone your USB drive as a backup copy.

Drive Clone a thumb

A clone is different than just copy and paste the files from one to another. Simply copying files drve skip some crucial files, ending up the portable program corrupted or OS unbootable. A USB drive clone is much safer and quicker than just copy and paste. If you clone a bootable USB drive, the cloned Cone will remain bootable. When you see one of the USB hard drive failure symptomsyou should clone this drive to another good working USB drive to replace it. You can never be more careful about your data, so it always a good practice to have a backup or clone of your USB drive. It is free software that allows you to backup or clone bootable USB drive or other kinds of USB disks to different places such as another USB drive or internal hard drive.

If you want an exact copy of the original USB drive, you can use the Sector by sector clone option to even clone the unused space.

You can also clone USB boot drive from large capacity to a smaller drive without the need to shrink the source drive. Then what's the fastest and easiest way to do this job? Should I clone USB drive to another? If so, how can I do it? Why you need clone USB drive rather than just copy the files? Usually, when comes into USB drive backup, users are thinking to manually copy the files from the USB drive to the computer or another storage device.

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Then they can copy them back whenever they want to restore them to the USB drive. It is an efficient way if you just hhumb to keep the personal files and documents on the USB drive. But if thub want to drivve your bootable USB drive, this method is not workable. You should clone USB drive with reliable free cloning software to create an exact copy of its contents, including the master boot record MBRslack space, and any unused space. Working well in disk clonethe program is extremely helpful for duplicating bootable USB drive or backing up a drive's contents. It allows you to create an exact image of your USB drive and you can easily restore that image to another USB drive or the same one later.

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