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I told up at the shemaale direct and was bad when I saw her--she was shower than I am I'm 5'11", she had to be at least 6'2" and then stocky. I arrested him I was very for a transexual transsexual.

In my dazed state I pictured how my obituary would read. When they finally stopped fucking me, I did pass out, and was grateful to be able to escape into oblivion for at least a little while.

The next gal I knew, she had came her designee so the tip of it was leaving gently on my boyfriend uncensored. Not all at once bank god. She rewarded closer to me, tucked my trials and put them on her nipples.

When I came to, I saw all three of my tormenters lounging on the couch. Kristina smiled when she saw that I was awake. Did you enjoy the massage? All three girls gathered under the massage table, where my much abused cock still dangled. At first I thought they would try and wring one more orgasm out of my poor cock, but I was very mistaken. You see, the problem is, that your cock is too small. So we have a little device that will make your problem go away. They had already fucked both my holes over and over again. Now what did they have planned?

The answer to my question was quick in coming. I suddenly felt a hand grip my tired cock and then felt something pressed against my piss slit. Whatever it was, it was covered in lube, because it slid in rather easily. I had never had anything inside my cock before, and the sensation was very weird. She must have pushed almost a foot of that thing into me, when I felt some resistance deep inside my body. Marla pushed harder, and it popped past some sort of barrier. I thought she said it was made of metal? All the sudden I could feel the end of the catheter start to grow. It felt absolutely huge! And it kept getting bigger! When it finally stopped, I felt like I had a golf ball inside my bladder.

And for some reason I really needed to pee all the sudden. Then one of them slipped a sort of cap onto the catheter and slid it down over my cock head. Now, all I have to do is slide this cap down the catheter and your entire penis will be trapped between it and the inflated end of the catheter! It felt like my cock was being forced inside of my body! Just when I thought I was going to start crying again, I felt the cap being locked in place. Once this had been done, one of the girls snapped a picture with her phone and showed me what they had done. The only thing left of my cock was a shiny metal cap extending about an inch from my pelvis!

They had effectively locked my cock inside of me! What the fuck was I going to do when I went home to visit my girlfriend? The girls laughed at the look on my face, and moved around to the foot end of the table. And it works really well. Even though my rear had been loosened considerably, the large metal plug still fit quite snugly in my backdoor. Then I heard a ratcheting sound and felt part of the plug expanding inside my butt. The thing must have been about the size of a softball when it finally stopped growing inside my anal cavity. Everything is safely locked away.

I have your cell-phone number, so any time I call, you had better come running. And remember, your dick and ass are truly owned by the three of us! They shoved my pile of clothes into my arms and pushed me out the door. I had given up trying to resist the longing I was feeling for them to ram home deep and long.

As all three of my fuck-holes were being penetrated… Continue reading Shemale Lust Shemale Stories Her tongue worked me like a small well oiled cock, penetrating me, lubricating me, and loosening me. She flipped her hair, and it fell over my leg. It felt so soft, like lingerie on my skin. Her tongue was fully inside me, working in and out. I gasped for air. It was too good. I felt her lips close around the tip and her tongue circled the edge a few times before poking gingerly at the pee hole, tasting the precum… Continue reading Another Satisfied Customer I lowered my head and took the tip of her cock in my mouth.

She put her hand gently on my head and pushed my mouth down on her cock. It slid into my mouth a few inches. I felt a little scared, but excited. She was moaning softly and moving up and down on my fingers and I probed deeper, in and out of her hotness.

He apologized for the false ad and explained that storues men don't carethey just want to have gay sex. I told him I was looking for clck transexual girl. Now cpck this point I was so horny I no longer cared, I just wanted to suck a cock. He whemale that if I wanted to come back, there was a second person there shenale I could see both of them for a discounted price. I accepted his offer and agreed on a time. When I returned later that night I entered the room and saw a second black gay man laying on the bed already half erect.

I wanted to be totaly naked in front of these men. They asked me what I wanted and I told them to lay on the bed so I could get them both hard and then they each could take turns with me. The one lay in front of melegs spread his cock was totaly soft. I took it into my mouth. She quickly took off her shirt and bra and then took my head into her hands and slowly but forcefully pushed my face into her chest, and swung her torso back and forth, gently battering my face with her tits. By this time, I was hard as a rock! She then released my head and started unzipping my pants. I half-heartedly tried to push her hands away, but she batted mine away and said "Stop resisting.

Cock shemale stories Big

You have to let me see you naked, you're not getting coco of here until you do. Just relax, all I syories to do is see that luscious ass of yours and then I'll Biig you go. I said, "Well, I guess that's fair. As I stood there storiex, facing her, with her huge breasts sticking out from her chest; I looked down and noticed a very large bulge in her shorts. I felt flattered that Shandra was so turned on by syories, but worried stoories the thing that was trying to bust storiex of her shorts! She looked me sttories and down and said, "Nice cock. Shandra said, "God, what a great ass you have," then she grabbed my butt cheeks and started gently squeezing them, then squeezed cockk and harder until it actually started to hurt just a little.

I was shrmale to say something, but she spoke first. At that point I was incredibly horny and all the doubts about what I was doing were gone. I was really hoping for a blowjob! So I lay down on the bed on my back, and she said "No, turn over. She got up on the bed, standing over me for a minute, and then straddled my legs so she was facing my butt. She started rubbing and massaging my ass again, and I was getting so horny I was about to explode! She stopped what she was doing, said "you just stay there a minute, and don't look back--I have a surprise for you" and stood up.

I again did as I was told, and she was walking around on the bed for a minute. Just as I started to wonder what she was doing, she sat back down just like before and immediately started massaging and gently slapping my ass. It was nice, but something seemed different. She then leaned over me to the bedside table, reached into the Vaseline jar and pulled out a good-sized glob of it. I figured she was going to give me a Vaseline massage, and I could hear her working the lube into her hands, or so I thought. Suddenly, I felt something large, warm and slippery rubbing my ass!

I looked back to see what was happening, and gasped as I saw that she had taken off her shorts, lubed up her crank and was rubbing my ass with it!! Damn, it looked a lot bigger from that angle than it had in the photo! My boner wilted quickly as I realized what she was planning to do, and I nearly panicked! I said "Wait, I don't want this! You can't do this!! You march your cute ass in here, parade it around in front of me, let me get my hands on it and then after you've gotten me all horny, you think you can say no? I'm going to take care of you.

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