Illinois sex offender law

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For Illinois Sex Offenders, Six Years Can Turn Into Life In Prison

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Those offenders Illinois as Sexually Dangerous or Sexually Violent, must register every 90 days for natural life. Upon completion of an offender's year registration period, their information will no longer appear on the web site. Where does a sex offender register? A sex offender must register with the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction where they reside. If the offender lives within the city limits, he or she will register with the city police department. If the offender resides in an unincorporated area, he or she will register with the county sheriff's office.

Offender Illinois law sex

Illinojs Is there a registration fee when registering under the Sex Offender Registration Act? Must a sex offender register if they move? An offender must register any and all places he or she resides for a period of 3 or more days in a calendar year. If an offender changes his or her address, he or she must inform the local law enforcement agency in which they reside of the move, and the law enforcement agency in which they are moving to within 3 days of that move.

If an offender is visiting from another state, are they required to register? A sex offender visiting the State of Illinois for more than 3 days in a calendar year will be required to register with the local law enforcement jurisdiction where the sex offender is staying. This means cumulative days; it does not necessarily have to be 3 consecutive days. If a sex offender moves to Illinois, are they required to register? According to Public Act which became effective January 1,if a person moves to Illinois on or after the effective date of this public act, the person is considered a sexual predator with lifetime registration if the person is required to register in another state due to a conviction, adjudication or other action of any court triggering an obligation to register as a sex offender, sexual predator, or substantially similar status under the laws of that State.

Registration is required within 3 days of arriving in Illinois. Length of registration is determined by the substantially equivalent offense in Illinois either 10 year registration or lifetime. What should I do if I believe any of the information contained on this web site is inaccurate? Are sex offenders allowed on school grounds?

It is unlawful for a child sex offender to be present in any school building or property, or loiter within feet of school property without the permission of the superintendent or school board, or in the case of a private school the principal unless the child sex offender is a parent of a child wex that school, and the parent is on school grounds offeender one of the following reasons: Are sex offenders allowed in parks? As of January 1,it is unlawful for a sexual predator or a child sex offender to knowingly be present in any public park offender or on the real property comprising any public park. The definition of public park includes a park, forest preserve, or conservation area under the jurisdiction Illnois the state or unit of local government.

A person who violates this is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor. Is it a violation of Illinois law for a sex offender to be on a social networking website such as Facebook or MySpace? Illinois laws says a person who commits a sex offense on or after January 1, and is convicted of this offense on or after January 1, must refrain from accessing or using a social networking website while on probation, parole or mandatory supervised release. Are schools provided with sex offender information? In the city of Chicago, the police department is responsible for school notification.

How close can a child sex offender live to a school? It is unlawful for a child sex offender to reside within feet of a school, playground, or any facility providing programs or services exclusively directed toward people under age 18, unless they owned the property prior to July 7, But Hamilton noted that sex offenders are much less likely to re-offend than most other criminals. For those sex offenders stuck in prison, the laws have left them questioning when they have served their time. But the laws have also created a situation where Illinois residents must weigh the cost of keeping sex offenders out of their neighborhood.

Only then will a parole board re-evaluate offenders and decide when parole should end. Once the term of parole was complete, the prisoner would be released. They apply to certain sex crimes, such as dissemination of child pornography and aggravated sexual assault, but not for people convicted of crimes like arson, domestic violence, or even murder. Adele Nicholas, an attorney representing Lindenmeier in the class-action lawsuit against the Illinois Department of Corrections, said the current laws are a violations of constitutional rights.

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She said lawmakers looking to score political points with voters have created a host of restrictions that make it difficult for felons to leave prison and adjust back into society. On a larger scale, imagine a map of Illinois, with pins on it for each of the 5, elementary and high schools across the state. How long is a person required to register? Someone defined as a sexual predator must register for his or her natural life. Someone defined as a sex offender must register for a period of 10 years. The label of sexual predator or sexual offender will depend on the particular offense for which the person is convicted. Anyone convicted of a child pornography, aggravated criminal sexual assault or abuse, or criminal sexual assault will fall into the predator category and be required to listed on the sex offender registration list for lifetime.

By default, a sex offender is a person convicted of a sex offense not statutorily defined as a sexual predator and will be required to register for a 10 year period, not lifetime. Where, when and how does a person register as a sex offender? Any person required to be listed on the sex offender registration list must register within 3 days of sentencing. Registration takes place at the local police department of a persons residence. It must be renewed annually.

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