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Of the people who said they have viewed of purchased pornography in the last year, 26 per cent were male and just six per cent were female. Men were also slightly more likely to decline an answer 27 vs. Conservative supporters were the least likely to admit to pornography use, at 14 per cent compared to 23 per cent of Green Party supporters. Unsurprisingly, evangelical Christians were the least likely to say they had and also the most likely to firmly say they had not used pornography rather than just saying they prefer not to answer. Of the male pornography users, 43 per cent said they watched it once a week or more whereas the majority of women said they only watched it once a year or less 29 per cent or every few months 38 per cent.

Again, Green Party supporters were the most frequent users, with 56 per cent of those saying they do watch pornography indulging once a week or more. Pornography watching is mostly a solo venture for Canadians, with 62 per cent saying they only ever watch it alone. Fourteen per cent said they watch with someone else and 12 per cent said they did both. Women were more likely to say they watched it with a partner as opposed to by themselves. The majority, 56 per cent, like heterosexual pairings while eight per cent prefer men only and 18 per cent only wanted to see women mostly men, go figure.

Police say Magnotta, a year-old Canadian who describes himself on the Internet as a model and actor, fled Canada after posting video footage of the homicide on a website that specializes in images of atrocities and gore. It is thought he flew to Europe. Magnotta, an alias for Eric Clinton Newman, acquired nationwide notoriety in Canada this week after he was identified as the suspect in a macabre case of body parts that turned up in Ottawa and Montreal.

According to dating, Lin and Magnotta matched each other; they suddenly had a site. Unsurprisingly, homeless Arts were the least not to say they had and also the most often to fully say they had not humorous intercourse rather than ever saying they lead not to answer.

Luka Rocco Magnotta at airport security after his alleged crimes. The same day, a human torso was found in a suitcase put out with the trash behind an apartment building in Montreal. The body parts belong to the same victim, and have been linked to a video that was published online. Police have confirmed that the video is connected to the body parts case, and identified Magnotta as the alleged perpetrator.

He is originally from Scarborough, Caanda suburb of Toronto. Apartment building in Montreal where Luka Magnotta lived. The victim has been identified as Lin Jun, a year-old student from China who studied engineering at Concordia University. According to police, Lin and Magnotta knew each other; they probably had a relationship.

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