Symptoms of cancer of the vagina

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Vaginal cancer

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It usually grows back a few weeks after radiotherapy is finished. You may have vagiina slight discharge from the vagina after treatment has finished. It is important to let your doctor or nurse know if it continues for more than a few weeks, or becomes heavy. Effects on the bowel Diarrhoea is a common side effect. Your doctor can prescribe drugs to control Symptpms. Effect on the bladder You pf feel you need to pass urine often and have a burning sensation when you pass urine cystitis. Drinking plenty of fluids will help. Try to avoid or cut down on drinks containing caffeine or alcohol. If you are having problems, ask your nurse or radiographer for advice. Early menopause In younger women, pelvic radiotherapy stops the ovaries working and causes an early menopause.

Your periods stop and you may vagiba menopausal side effects, Sym;toms as: You can usually have hormonal replacement therapy HRT to replace the hormones your ovaries are no longer producing. This can improve some menopausal symptoms. Your specialist nurse can give you advice about managing menopausal symptoms. The Daisy Network is an organisation for women who have had an early menopause. It also provides information. The menopause means your ovaries are no longer producing eggs. This means you will not be able to get pregnant become infertile. This can be difficult to cope with and some women may need counselling.

Let your nurse know if you find this hard to deal with. Effects on the vagina Radiotherapy to the pelvis can make the vagina narrower, less stretchy and drier. Your nurse may recommend you use vaginal dilators tampon shaped plastic tube with a lubricant. This is to try to prevent the vagina from narrowing. Your nurse will explain how to use them. Using a dilator regularly may make having sex after treatment easier. It can also make it easier to have internal examinations. There are lots of vaginal lubricants and creams that help with vaginal dryness. Your doctor can also prescribe hormone creams to help with dryness and vaginal narrowing. Newer ways of giving radiotherapy are designed help to reduce the chance of developing late effects.

Your cancer doctor or nurse can give you more information. Bowel and bladder effects The most common late effects are changes to the bowel and bladder. This may cause you to have loose bowel motions, diarrhoea, or feel you need to pass urine more often than before. Bleeding Small blood vessels in the bowel and bladder can become more fragile after radiotherapy. This may cause blood to appear in your urine or bowel motions. You may also have bleeding from small blood vessels in the vagina. Always tell your cancer doctor or nurse straightaway if you have bleeding or discharge from any of these areas. Lymphoedema Radiotherapy can affect the lymph nodes in the pelvic area.

This may cause swelling of one or occasionally both legs, called lymphoedema. You have more risk of lymphoedema if you had surgery as well as radiotherapy.

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Your nurse will explain what you can do to reduce the risk of lymphoedema. If you notice any swelling in your legs, contact your nurse or doctor straightaway. Back to contents Surgery for vaginal cancer Some women have surgery as their main treatment. The type of operation you have will depend on where the cancer is in the vagina and how far it has grown. Before the operation, your surgeon and specialist nurse will explain what it involves. You may need some tests before surgery to make sure you are well enough.

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You usually have this done at a pre-assessment clinic. Removing the area of the cancer local excision If the cancer is very small, it acncer be possible to remove it along with a small area of normal-looking tissue surrounding the cancer. Removing part or all of the vagina vaginectomy Some women may need to have part of the vagina partial vaginectomy or all of the vagina radical vaginectomy removed. The surgeon may make a new vagina vaginal reconstruction using tissue from other parts of the body.

The color over the mole is not the same. There may be differing shades of tan, brown, or black and sometimes patches vqgina red, blue, or white. The mole is changing in size, shape, or color. The most important sign of hhe is a change in size, shape, or color of a mole. If you have a fancer that has changed, ask your doctor to check it out. VAIN is frequently caused by the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus HPVwhich can cause cervical, vaginal and vulvar cancers, among others. Vaccines that prevent some types of HPV infection are vafina. Exposure to miscarriage prevention drug. If your mother took a drug called diethylstilbestrol DES while pregnant in the s you may have an increased risk of a certain type of vaginal cancer called clear cell adenocarcinoma.

Other risk factors that have been linked to an increased risk of vaginal cancer include: Multiple sexual partners Early age at first intercourse Smoking HIV infection Complications Vaginal cancer may spread metastasize to distant areas of your body, such as your lungs, liver and bones. Prevention There is no sure way to prevent vaginal cancer. You can also find general survival statistics for vaginal cancer on the Cancer Research UK website. Prevention Like cervical cancer, vaginal cancer is usually caused by infection with some types of the human papilloma virus HPV.

The HPV vaccinationnow routinely offered to to year-old girls, helps prevent infection with the main types of HPV linked to cervical and vaginal cancer. This can significantly reduce the risk of getting these cancers later in life. Prevention of vaginal cancer While you may not be able to get your risk of vaginal cancer to zero, there are steps you can take to help reduce your risk. Take steps to lower your risk of HPV. This includes using condoms whenever you have any type of sex vaginal, oral, or anal and getting the HPV vaccine. To find out more about the HPV vaccine, talk to your doctor.

If you currently smoke, quit. Smoking is the major lifestyle risk factor for vaginal cancer and other cancers. Drink only in moderation.

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