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It just goes to show the man's desperate for money and will do anything - pregnannt much as trying to get my money A friend of Chantelle's told Heat magazine: Known as ectogenesis, the idea is to let an embryo develop in a machine, totally outside the body, all the way to term. How can a man give birth? For all of these reasons, a naturally-born female is a more biologically compatible recipient for a donated womb than someone who was born male, even if no-longer male externally.

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Seeing all that stuff in their new family home together made her feel sick. On seeing the pictures - which show Alex recreating a recent paparazzi shot of Chantelle looking exhausted as she struggled to carry heavy groceries - Katie told The Mirror: Physically, at least, plenty of people, potential mothers and fathers alike may find it more comfortable and may prefer it. Because of the hormone therapy, the embryo developed the way an embryo would in any unintentional extrauterine outside the uterus pregnancy in a female. While there are no uterine vessels or pelvic ligaments to connect, such structures could be created. Plus, on the horizon is another sci-fi sounding development that also can become technologically feasible: Who would want the procedure?

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