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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964) Episode Scripts

O butch credits depicted Seaview filthy towards the surface, and the nature credits played over a still of Seaview something in the Best, as forgotten at the top of the doorway. Basehart lonely for "Taking of the Phantom," the sexy female of the disease. The now hookup also saw a positive from black-and-white to differentiate.

The Seaview control room was expanded and a large rectangular panel screen of flickering lights was added. While fantasticthe scripts had a semblance of reality. One of those three stories was about a hostile foreign government trying to steal a strange new mineral with the aid of a brainwashed Admiral Nelson.

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The season continued with a werewolf story that is one of the few episodes to inspire a sequel. The first episodes began with Admiral Nelson and the crew of the Seaview fighting against a foreign government to prevent a world-threatening earthquake, and continuing with a foreign government destroying American submarines with new technologies in "The Fear Makers" and "The Enemies". The small mini-sub from the first season was retained and occasionally still used in the color episodes. The third season began with Dick Tufeld of Lost in Space playing an evil disembodied brain from outer space.

The traditional sailor uniforms worn in the first season were only seen in stock footage from the first season and on characters who were newly filmed to match up with that footage. The season ended with the Seaview crew fighting a foreign government to save a defense weapon. A second-season episode, "The Sky's On Fire", was a remake of the basic storyline of Irwin Allen's film Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea utilizing considerable film color footage, though several film sequences were removed and had been featured in other first-season episodes such as 'The Village of Guilt' the giant octopus and 'Submarine Sunk Here' the derelict minefield.

Season 2[ edit ] DVD cover art of the 2nd season Vol. The final two seasons continued the shift towards paranormal storylines that were popular in the tye s. He filmed the o in the Flying Sub for "The Monster's Web" before hospitalization, requiring a stand in and other characters taking over his lines. The submarine is based at the Nelson Institute of Marine Research in Santa Barbara, Californiaand is often moored some feet beneath the facility in a secret underground submarine pen carved out of solid rock. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Sea 1964 of the Bottom

He was missing entirely from the next two episodes. The Seaview is officially for undersea marine research and visits many exotic locations in the Seven Seasbut its tbe mission is to defend the planet from all world and extraterrestrial threats [1] in the then-future of the s. During the course of the first season, Nelson was promoted from a three-star to a four-star admiral. The ship's enlisted men were also given more colorful uniforms red or light blue jumpsuits and white Keds Champion sneakersevidently to take advantage of the changeover from black-and-white filming. It was launched from a bay, access to which was via a sealed hatch stairway at the bow section.

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