Positive babinski response in an adult

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Plantar reflex

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As the lesion responsible for the sign expands, so does the area from which the afferent Babinski response may be elicited.

The Babinski response is also normal while asleep and after a long period of walking. Interpretation[ edit ] Babinski's sign in a healthy newborn The Babinski un can indicate upper motor neuron lesion constituting damage to the corticospinal tract. Occasionally, a pathological plantar reflex is the first and only indication of a serious disease process and a clearly abnormal plantar reflex often prompts detailed neurological investigations, including CT scanning of the brain or MRI of the spine, as well as lumbar puncture for the study of cerebrospinal fluid.

The phrase "negative Babinski sign" is sometimes used for the normal flexor plantar response. Primitive reflexes Infants will usually show an extensor response. In one study of healthy infants, the response to testing was extensor in This abnormal response is termed the extensor plantar reflex, or Babinski reflex.

Technique Place the patient in a supine position and tell him or her that you are going to scratch the foot, first gently and then more vigorously. Fixate the foot by grasping the ankle or medial surface with the examiner's hand that will be closest to the midline of the patient: Begin with light stroking, using your finger; then use a blunt object such as the point of a key. Finally, if no abnormal response has been obtained, take a tongue blade and break it in half longitudinally and use the sharp point. The reason for the graded stimuli is twofold: The first line to be stroked begins a few centimeters distal to the heel and is situated at the junction of the dorsal and plantar surfaces of the foot Figure The line extends to a point just behind the toes and then turns medially across the transverse arch of the foot.

Stroke slowly, taking 5 or 6 seconds to complete the motion.

In adult Positive an babinski response

Do not dig into the sole, but stroke. Successive lines are stroked, each about 1 cm medial to the preceding stroke, until the examiner is stroking the midline of the foot. The reason for beginning laterally is that in some cases the response is abnormal laterally and then becomes normal as the midline is approached. The occurrence of the extensor response on any of these lines is abnormal, even if the response is flexor on another line of stroking. This variation relates to variability in the receptive field of the reflex, undoubtedly due to the extent of corticospinal involvement as well as individual differences.

The reflex is normal if the abnormal response is not obtained from any of the stroke lines using all of the stimuli described. A good habit is to describe whatever response is obtained in addition to noting whether in your opinion the response is normal or abnormal. Basic Science The neurophysiology of this reflex has not been completely elucidated. The account given here follows the suggestions made by Kugelberg, Eklund, and Grimby and is the result of their electromyographic studies. Each area of the skin of the body appears to have a specific reflex response to noxious stimuli. The purpose of the reflex is to cause the withdrawal of the area of the skin from the stimulus.

This reflex is mediated by the spinal cord, but influenced by higher centers.

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The area of skin from which the reflex can be obtained is known as the receptive field of the reflex. To be more specific, a noxious stimulus to the sole of the foot, which is the receptive field, causes immediate flexion of the toes, ankle, knee, and hip joints with attendant withdrawal of the foot from the stimulus. Remember your own experiences with this reflex, an example being stepping on a sharp object while barefoot. There is an instant involuntary flexion of all joints with withdrawal. Another reflex in the normal individual is the great toe reflex: How is it tested?

To test the Babinski sign, your doctor will use an object, such as a reflex hammer or a key, to stroke the bottom of your foot from your heel up to your big toe. Your doctor may scrape the object roughly across the bottom of your foot, so you might feel some minor discomfort or a tickle. It takes practice to properly perform the Babinski test, and it may appear falsely positive or negative if not done correctly. When is a Babinski sign normal? In a child younger than 2 years old, the big toe should bend up and backward toward the top of your foot while the other four toes fan out.

In a child older than 2 years old or in a mature adult, the Babinski sign should be absent. If this test is conducted on a child older than 2 or an adult and the toes respond like those of a child under two years old, this can indicate an underlying neurological issue. When is a Babinski sign abnormal?

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