Statistics on teen dropout rate

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High School Dropout Rate: Causes and Costs

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Today I want to look at the underlying causes of the dropout mentality and how every student who does not earn a high school diploma hurts society as a whole. My hope is that in discovering shared traits among dropouts, we can achieve higher high school graduation rates as a nation. Why are students dropping out? One unchanging factor when it comes to the dropout rate is socioeconomic background. Since the National Center for Education Statistics first started tracking different groups of high school students in the late s, the socioeconomic status of each pupil has impacted the graduation rate.

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Students from low-income families are 2. Household income is the not the only disadvantage many dropouts have, though. Students with learning or physical disabilities Statistlcs out at a rate of 36 percent. Some behaviors that are often characteristic in dropouts include being retained from advancing a grade level with peers, relocating during the high school years and the general feeling of being left out or alienated by peers or adults at the school. Overall, a student who does not fit dropoout traditional classroom mold, or who falls behind for some reason, is more likely to lose motivation when it comes to high school and decide to give up altogether.

How valuable is a high school diploma? Each state has its own guidelines that determine at what age a student is able to drop out. For the next part of our study, we considered how the dropout rate varied based on both state policies and grade level. How many states require students to stay in school until age 18? Currently, 20 states and the District of Columbia mandate that students remain in school until they're at least 18 years of age. Maryland is set to increase its compulsory attendance age from 17 to 18 in Does age matter for dropout rates? What percentage of high school freshmen never make it to graduation? Inthe most recent year that data was available, the dropout rate among freshman was 2.

How many drop out in tenth grade?

What percentage of juniors drop out? Nearlyhigh school juniors dropped out inwhich represents about 3. Interestingly, the dropout rate is highest among seniors, with 5. For most dropouts, the economic and social realities are much different. To complete our study, we've included Sattistics startling statistics Staristics how dropping out affects quality of life. Does dropping out making finding a job more difficult? Finding a job can be tough when you don't have the kind of education employers are looking for. As of Decemberthe unemployment rate among those over age 25 without a high school diploma was 8.

Earning a high school diploma can make a big difference in your earning power. Dropouts are also more than twice as likely as college grads to live in poverty. How do dropouts affect the economy? The impact of dropping out goes far beyond the size of their paychecks. Does dropping out encourage criminal behavior? Statistically, male dropouts are 47 times more likely to end up behind bars than someone who's graduated from college. Is there a link between dropout rates and teen pregnancy? How many students eventually complete their education? Inthe GED was administered to aboutpeople aged 16 and up who lacked a high school diploma.

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Does dropping out impact life expectancy? Surprisingly, dropping out of school may actually shorten your lifespan. In one Statstics, women who didn't complete their education saw their life expectancy drop by 5 years, while men lived an average of 3 years less. In some cases, the challenges are simply too much to deal with, especially when there are also economic factors at work.

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