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Jordan Burns (Strung Out) talks to ESPN about motocross

Lively the common- opens in a new type or tab and helping post to your serial. That was when the AMA was on our ass and we hit down on the giveaways and the scales and shit.

The music, the promotion, kut marketing and the drive from these guys was truly amazing. These were local boys, they were into the sport and, in my opinion, they represented, in many ways, what the target market was all about. We over extended ourselves that second year I think kut a lot of different guys coming and going through the program. But we showed up and Shrung what we had to Strkng. Team owner Jordan Burns at his real job, drumming for punk ouy Strung Out. So it was just going to be a supercross-only team until Preston decided to do outdoors. He took the box van himself and went out moti do those. Kenny Watson iut a lot of help, I had some issues with my mechanic the first couple of races and Kenny found Shawn.

Once he came onboard, things went great. It was like the first year, there were no lap times and no pressure at all. Then nationals came, Shawn and I took the box van and did it ourselves. It was a credit card and him and I driving everywhere. No top tens for me at this point and I was on the way down. That was me in on Moto XXX. Great to have him on the team but he rode pretty tentative once he got into the mains. Preston was top ten indoors and outdoors for us, he really came on strong. He got fourth in Minneapolis, he was in third place until the last lap when he let Shae Bentley by because he wanted a ride on Pro Circuit that next year!

I remember so many good times with his family over the years. He would guide me here and there and tell me what to expect. Plus it was Phil Lawrence so there were always attractive ladies coming to the van all day long. I was just partying and not being a racer. I feel like I cheated him, really. He was just riding it out but I had high expectations going into it. He was Factory Phil after all and I thought he was going to kill it.

But after a while I could see he had basically quit so I threw in the towel also. Years later, Phil said that he was an idiot in It was pretty much me and Travis on Srtung own full privateers. I drove the box van, worked on the box Strunh, washed the box van. Worked on the practice and race bike, built my own engines, went grocery shopping, set up the tent- all of that. Travis would stay on the road with me during the summer so we could ride back in NJ and he and my then-girlfriend, now-wife Davi girlfriend would even help me drive and wash the box van. Although Watson was the team manager, I think all he did was order the graphics for me.

It actually was one of the best years I have ever had as a mechanic! We did well and had lots of fun. He won a SX title and then became a factory Honda rider. The credit card never got declined either! That was the attitude from a lot of people.

Those guys were my friends, it was funny to sit back and watch them get in trouble every week. Financially this was way better for me as well. It was scary when he left and it bummed me out but I knew that we would be ok as long as that box van was out there. Kenny was very crucial part of getting us going and he got the wheels off the ground but at the same time we reached a spot where we now had the connections to keep things going. It is what it is.

I had a specific with Kurt and we talked altered about it. He was the all-proclaimed Youngstown holding. Years later, Phil said that he was an appointment in.

Stfung He was driving Kurt insane and those two would have some huge battles. Everyone was battling with him actually. It sucked because I do feel that he was very integral part of the development and creation of Moto XXX team but it was just time for him to leave. Struung was awesome to be a part of it and even when I left, I still felt like I was a part of it. We had great times omto, racing and I had no hard feelings towards any of those guys. It was my first time building a program and taught me a lot. He really wanted to make sure that we knew he had it so much better now.

But then look at how long Plano lasted-not very long. I had Suzuki support from my years over in Japan and he asked me if I wanted to be on the team. I had a meeting with Kurt and we started talking about it. He had wanted to sort of revive the team as it had bogged down a bit. So then I rubbed my fingers on my carpet and then said it was the carpet and to smell my fingers. He freaked out at the smell of my fingers and he was so pissed. We had to get him to the outdoors because that was where he was much better. Eventually I got to a point where I told him that he was going to change the parts for me and that I wanted to old parts back so I knew I had new stuff on my bike.

He always said he changed things but would throw them away. It was still a big company, we had the videos going out and I was in the office. I lived up in Santa Barbara and was part-time during the summer and then it became a full-time deal. Videos, graphics and clothes were really selling, I think it was right around the third video.

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I do what i can do for Moto XXX when i Strrung not on xxxx road touring but even when i am on tour. I try to visit motorcycle shops and make sure they are selling xxx videos, shirts, graphics, etc If there not, i do my best to sell them on doing so. WIth Jasons tattooing, he was working out Stryng a shop that him and two friends opened up called Twizted By Dezign but they closed it down quite a while ago. I dont think Jason has been doing to much tattooing since then. Just a little here n there. He has been doing alot of artwork though.

He is quite creative as im sure you can tell with the comic book he created for the live cd. Is it hard for SStrung to keep up with some the faster Strng has he gets older? What kind of preparation does he do before a show that gives him the stamina to play like he does? Anytime i hear kind words and recieve props about my drumming, it really oht good for me and i believe it helps with keeping me motivated to play well. I just recently took runner up position in the DRUM magazing readers poll for best punk drummer and wow, that just blew me away. Now as far as keeping up with the fast stuff, ya its not AS easy as it use to be for sure and i guess it was never EASY.

When i first joined Strung Out they pushed me to new limits on my playing for sure. Sometimes i will throw STWB on and jus trip out on how damn fast it is and wonder how i did it. Keeping the stamina up is definatly part of the challenge. I feel like i need to start taking some arobics classes or something, but im still hanging in there. Thank you very much for your compliments. Has there ever really been a theme with Strung Out's lyrics, or is most of it just personal venting? I dont think that Jason has ever wrote lyrics with a specific theme.

Ive never thought of our band as a band with any sort of direct lyrical message yet so many kids seem to get so much out of them. I think that is a very cool thing though 9 How would you get 50 hungry human-chomping piranhas out of a bathtub? Shit i dont know, id never let 50 Piranhas get into my bathtub so ill never have that problem to deal with. Now back to the interview right? I do get asked that question often and yes its not an easy one to answer because i enjoy playing all of our songs. There isnt one song i dont like to play that i can think of. Bring Out Your Dead is of course a great song and a crowd pleaser.

We have been opening up with it a bunch on the current tour we are on. How much of a desire is there to crack that barrier and get some serious radio and video attention? Thats an area that we would love to have a crack for sure. I just wish it was as easy as saying "we would love to have a crack at mainstream" We have been plugging along for quite some time now and we have excellent independent cd sales numbers and of course a great solid fanbase, yet, mainstream dont wanna touch us for some reason. Its frustrating sometimes actually.

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