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Submissive wetting — This relates to urination when greeting, disciplining, or excitement. Marking — This can include defecation, but is more commonly a urination marking problem. Both male and female dogs can display this behavior. It is only seen in dogs that have reached puberty. If your dog has a problem with submissive wetting and is older than four months of age, or if your dog is experiencing problematic marking behavior, we recommend consulting a trainer or behaviorist. House training If you are committed and prepared from the first moment you introduce your new puppy or dog to your home, it should take about two weeks to achieve appropriate house training behavior.

If you have a puppy or dog that has already developed bad house training habits, new reliable behavior can take six weeks or more to establish. Always make sure there are no medical problems complicating housetraining issues. Diet can be very important. Some foods can make it more difficult to house train a dog. Otherwise it can become very confusing for your puppy or dog. Your dog can even be trained to use a specific corner of the yard if you are dedicated enough to train him to that level of understanding. Your attitude is probably the most important ingredient in the house training formula. You are taking your puppy or dog through a process of education. He is not born knowing where to eliminate in your home.

His mother never told him. Create one that is convenient for you, and works with your lifestyle. Do not feed your dog free-choice meals while establishing a house training schedule. Keep all meals on a predictable schedule. Snacks and treats should be kept to a minimum while setting the schedule. Try to stick as close to these times as possible.

Make sure to provide for this in the schedule. Keep in mind, your dog or puppy will need to be warf out after each nap. Pay attention, supervise, and educate your dog and you will establish padw daytime pee you both can live with. By TiffaniG waare Dec 13, I foster puppies so I am constantly on the lookout for a great deal on potty pads. These are by far some of the best pads I have used. They are extremely absorbent, sturdy, and don't have that weird smell that some of the cheaper ones do. They also fit tightly into the box so there is no wasted space, so you can feel a tiny bit better about "being wasteful" with, well, the puppy waste. The only thing that could make them better is if I could somehow stick them to the ground so the over enthusiastic pups can't slide tackle them as easily!

Report For elderly cat By Penny on Dec 14, My elderly, slight dementia-challenged cat had a couple of accidents and decided peeing on the bedside table was a good thing. I use the pads there, They have been a god send.

I do use a bed pad like a chuck for people use, machine washable under the puppy pad. I find with these the people pzds will sometimes get damp underneath it. That didn't happen with the ones I was mx in the store. Wqre, the comparative price is good enough to mx buying again. By Clipper on Dec 24, I just love theses pee pee pads. I have two yorkies who don't go outside so a good pad is important. Without saying the pads are very absorbent and that includes the edges where leaking can be a problem. Another great point is there is enough contrast between the white of the padding and the blue of the plastic covering the rest of the pad. This has cut down on accidently putting the pad down plastic side up which happened with the brands we have used in the past.

So at my house these pads get two paws up. Report Simply the best By cdneal on Jan 11, Altho these pads cost a bit more than others we've tried, they are totally worth it. Tried a cheaper brand but they were thin and leaked. Another brand our puppy couldn't stop eating.

He is not permitted wwre where to supplement in your needs. They are much acclaim quality, do not wad up and there is no chugging off the teachers. I will have to use Different for all my pet thereby.

Staying with this brand epe the winter - will hopefully be going outside more often when the weather warms up. Also, when it comes to Chewys - I'm a total convert. No more shopping at the "natural" pet shop. Delivery is quick and they carry all the brands we like.

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Chewy graciously replaced them with the Frisco Pads. They are much better quality, do not wad up and there is no leaking off the edges. They do slide some but I can live with that.

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