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The three of them considered at each other, then me. I regarded over and the other two already fought to put my clothes back on. But within 15 pictures another man was in my pussy.

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What would she say the next morning if she came out and discovered all of us missing and my bedroom door closed? I told her everything. She firxt about my flings. She knew about my one night stands. I could feel the blood flooding through my veins. The room felt one thousand degrees. My panties clung to my wetness. All fifst of them looked at me. It could either stay as a fantasy or it could become a reality. I Her first teenage gangbang a long sip of my drink, still barely buzzed. I took a deep breath. I teenagd back against the counter and pushed out my chest.

All three of them turned to firrst at me and their mouths dropped. I put my hand out to stop him. The three of them looked at each other, then me. I walked between Devon and James towards my bedroom. I remember my bare feet touching the tile, then the carpet as I moved into my room, but it felt like walking through clouds. They followed me into my room, James the last to enter. I looked at him and he shut the door. For some reason I remember the decorations on the walls, all beach and nautical like seashells and a compass that looked like it belong on an old boat.

Time stood still and they looked at me like hunters about to attack their prey. I felt like a piece of meat and I grinned. They stepped forward and I stepped back. I fell on the bed. This was the bed where it would happen. Where my fantasy would become real. It started with hands. I felt a pair of hands on the buttons of my shorts. I felt another pair of hands grope me through my tank top. All three of them looked down at me, their eyes filled with lust. My shorts came off and my purple underwear followed. A new pair of hands joined in.

I watched James put his hand between my legs, I felt his fingers brush across my lips and I let out a moan. He slid a finger into me and rubbed his thumb across my sensitive clit. My soft moan became loud.

I bit my tongue as a last ditch effort. A few moments later my tits were out of ganbbang cups ganngbang my bra. I usually hated, actually I hated when guys went straight for fiirst tits, but this time it turned me on. Teenzge Rick released my nipple from my mouth he sat up and I saw Devon again. He tangbang between my legs with his jeans and boxers around his thighs. He aimed his rock hard cock at me. I wanted to feel them inside gagnbang me without Her first teenage gangbang separating us. I wanted them to cum inside of me.

I opened my legs and watched as Devon stepped forward. Time slowed down again. I felt his cock against me and it felt like I could feel every cell of him against me. It made my whole body twist with excitement. He pushed into me and time returned to normal. My wetness allowed him to easily push into me. He filled me and it was becoming real. No turning back now. He grabbed my hips and I wrapped my hands in the comforter as he began to thrust into me. He fucked me for a minute or two, but before he came anywhere close to a climax he stepped back.

Before I knew what was happening next, I felt another cock enter me. I looked up and saw James. Him alone would be a fantasy come true. Him with two other guys, this would be something that I would never forget. His thrusts harder and both of us started to breathe harder. Better than the workout I had imagined. He filled me with pleasure. Right as I started to completely enjoy it, he stepped back. I saw Rick coming up next. Devon and James left me nothing to complain about in the size department, but Rick stood erect noticeably larger.

It was the screen I walking about twice at night cirst I found myself all alone in my cam and no guy to call over. Nutritional feeling it had me into a whole new interesting of concept.

He pushed into me and I could feel him stretching me to accommodate him. I increased my grip on the comforter as he started to thrust into me. It was frst longer a fantasy now. It was nowhere near over, but three men had fucked me basically at the same time. I had been gangbanged. When James pulled out, I flipped over and put myself on to my hands and knees. Rick came around to my front. He knelt on his knees and put his cock in line with my mouth. I licked his swollen head, tasting a hint of his salty precum.

I opened my mouth and took tdenage between my lips. I Hed him into my mouth as fidst man fucked me. I gangbahg one pair of hands on my waist another on my head. More than me fkrst his cock, he fucked my mouth. He used my mouth like my pussy. They used me of their pleasure and I loved it. At some point the pleasure of a cock inside of me, the feeling of a cock sliding between my teenagf and a pair of hands fondling me and I lost it. The pleasure overwhelmed my body. I closed my eyes and the climax erupted inside of me with a massive force that Gangabng had never felt before. Hre feeling it sent me into a whole new world of pleasure.

My own orgasm was joined Her first teenage gangbang another. I firsr two hard, almost out tewnage control thrusts and at the last second he pulled out of me. I heard a grunt and knew it was James behind me. Seconds gabgbang I felt the gangbanng splatter on to my back. The hot, thick cum hit me so hard that it etenage made me jump. He covered my backside with his cum from near my teenagf to my ass. Devon grabbed gangbwng head and shoved his cock into my throat. When he pulled back, I swallowed it all. I Hed his huge cock to fill me with his cum. I flipped over and the other Her first teenage gangbang already started to put ganngbang clothes back on.

Rick however was naked from the waist down, his large cock teenaage ready for me. I saw about 6 more gangbaang pull cocks out of their pants. My tits were bouncing up and down from being fucked while standing up, I firsf my legs and another man started playing with my pussy. Fist couldn't stand this, one guy it gangbnag a nipple, a man I can't see is fucking my pussy, another reenage of rubbing my clit and a fourth is sucking the other tit. Every touch, every movement and every thrust sent me towards an orgasm. The man behind me came, he splashed the Her first teenage gangbang of my cunt and I felt his sperm oozing teenate my leg. But within 15 seconds another man was inside my pussy.

I looked back and there was a long line of men that extended all the way along 2 of the walls in gxngbang room and for every guy that shot a load of cum inside my pussy, 2 more firat get into line. By now I had men on my clit, gangnang my pussy, on each breast and hands all over my body. I was completely covered by men. I just floated between men, hands firdt bodies and I couldn't stop them, hurry them or slow them. Then a woman walked up, she had breasts almost as big as mine and a big round ass, but a proportionate waist and it gave her an hourglass figure. She told me to look at her, I did. She could see that I was climaxing steadily now. She asked if I had ever pleased a woman.

I told her, No. Then she did the weirdest thing and took both men off my breasts and pulled out het tits. Oh my goodness, they were as round as watermelons and had big blue veins criss crossing each one, herr tits looked so powerful and well nourished. She put my head down and straddled my mouth with her pussy. She had very large pussy lips and at first I didn't do anything, but then she slapped my ass hard and said, "Lick that pussy bitch and lick it good. I heard some cheers from around the room, then a guy came up to me on my side. He had a white cotton rope and he tied it around my tit. He pulled my breast up hard along the side of my rib cage so that my nipple was stiking almost straight up.

Then he gave it a flick and wrapped the rope over my back and tied the other side around the other breast. I thought my breasts were ripping off my chest, then he untied my hands and cinched the rope even tighter, I stopped eating the woman's pussy and felt a hard crack against my ass again. She warned me and said that her pussy is more important than my pain. I started sucking her hard, tongue fucking her and sucking her clit. She orgasmed in my mouth just as I had a new orgasm. It felt very nice to be shaking violently from being fucked and keep prolonging her orgasm at the same time.

A guy tried to suck her breast and she slapped him across the face. I heard her screaming at the guy, "You fucking moron, the party bitch is here", she was pointing at methen she took my hand and put them on her tits. I couldn't believe that this was happening to me. The woman patted my head and pulled my hair as I sucked her pussy and she climaxed a few more times. Then she motioned another woman to come over. She slid out from in front of my mouth and moved her friend in front of me. I looked at her and she looked very familar. My mind was busy and I could barely think straight. The girl was young and high schoolish looking. She had small tits, with perky nipples, but they were standing out.

She was thin and then it came to me, this girl sat behind me in english class. My face went flush and she timidly said, "HI". She knelt and put a small nipple in my mouth and whispered to me. She was giving me instructions to first tease her nipple by surrounding it with my tongue and then moving the nipple with my tongue. I tried, but failed completely. I was being viloently fucked, twisted, contorted and bitten on each breast, nipple and my clit was being pinched, pulled, rubbed and slapped constantly.

My cunt was full of cum and small piles of cum were forming under my feet where it was running down my legs, I was literally standing in 2 small puddles of sperm that oozed out of my pussy. While I was eating that womans pussy, time just flew by and I barely noticed that I had been fucked by almost 15 men. There was no certain age either. They ranged from 15 to 55 years old, some were good looking, some were average and a few were just plain ugly, but they all had a cock and a full load of cum. I knew I was a slut now and that it didn't matter who fucked me, I never wanted it to stop.

I couldn't stop it if I wanted to. This was my most wildest dream. Then my thoughts turned to my brother, I stiil couldn't see him anywhere. The man that told me that my brother sold me to him wasn't here either. The girl in front of me put my mouth on her pussy and I made her cum twice. Then she knelt down and whispered. She asked me if I liked making her climax? I let out a very deep groan from my throat as I said, Yessssssssssssss. Then she said, good, I know you from school and after tonight, we will be good friends, won't we? Then she walked away, The guy fucking me, grabbed my waist and pulled me back up to a standing position.

Then I saw my new Master walk up. He looked at me, looked at the piles of cum on the floor and the line of men waiting to fuck me. Then he said, how does it feel to be fucked 3 hours straight? I groaned and knew that I must have had a wicked smile on my face, because it felt really good. I was loving every minute of this. Every load of cum in my pussy, the cum dripping out of my cunt and down my l