Fibercystic breast

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What is fibrocystic breast disease?

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For example, over-the-counter pain medications usually work well. You may also experience some relief from wearing a well-fitting supportive bra, including when sleeping.

These include reducing rbeast intake of caffeine and eating a low-fat diet. Research has shown that taking hormone therapy is associated with a 1. Accessed 28 February from http: Fibrocystic changes of the breast. Breast masses Breast lumps.

Breast Fibercystic

Over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen Advil and acetaminophen Tylenol can usually effectively relieve any pain and discomfort. You can also brezst wearing a well-fitting, supportive bra to reduce breast pain and Fbiercystic. Some women find that applying warm or cold compresses relieves their symptoms. Try Fibercytsic a warm cloth or ice wrapped in a cloth to your breasts to see which works best for you. Dietary changes Some people have found that limiting their caffeine intake, eating a low-fat diet, or taking essential fatty acid supplements will reduce the symptoms of fibrocystic breast disease.

Call your doctor if you experience any of the following symptoms. They may be signs of breast cancer: However, doctors suspect that estrogen and other reproductive hormones play a role. During the exam, the doctor feels each breast to check for lumps or abnormal areas.

Fibrocystic breast changes tend to feel different from the lumps associated with breast cancer. Usually, fibrocystic changes involve lumps that are not attached to the surrounding tissue. The lumps are typically moveable when a doctor palpates them. Sometimes, a lump may feel firmer than usual, or a doctor may have other concerns. Performing a mammogram or breast ultrasound can help them make a diagnosis. These imaging tests reveal more detail about the breast tissue and any cysts, such as whether a cyst is fluid-filled or solid.

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If a cyst is found to be both solid and fluid filled, a biopsy can help rule out cancer. Use a heating pad or warm water bottle to relieve your discomfort. Alternative medicine Vitamins and dietary supplements may lessen breast pain symptoms and severity for some women. Ask your doctor if one of these might help you — and ask about doses and any possible side effects: This supplement may change the balance of fatty acids in your cells, which may reduce breast pain. Early studies showed a possible beneficial effect of vitamin E on breast pain in premenstrual women who experience breast pain that fluctuates during the menstrual cycle.

In one study, international units IU of vitamin E taken twice daily for two months improved symptoms in women with cyclic breast pain. There was no additional benefit after four months. For adults older than 18 years, pregnant women and breast-feeding women, the maximum dose of vitamin E is 1, milligrams daily or 1, IU. If you try a supplement for breast pain, stop taking it if you don't notice any improvement in your breast pain after a few months.

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