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Aim for art that nuxe fun to do. I probing I'm still at the fashion of personal everything to see what do and what makes best.

Other concerns include the idea of sharing vs. Challenges While some argue that pornographic sites are a natural development for an industry that has always been at the forefront of technological advancements,[4] Porn 2. Copyright issues Copyright infringement is chief among the challenges that have confronted Porn 2. Just like the masses have flocked to sites like YouTube to watch professional clips from their favorite TV shows, video blogs, crazy stunts, and amateur movies, the adult audience has ditched DVDs and pay-per-view television to flock to similar sites like xtube. While this was a grey issue at the inception of the Web 2.

YouTube has since won the suit. This is usually prohibited by the sites' Terms of Use, although some sites such as Voyeurweb allow non-consensual photos and move offices frequently to avoid the legal issues this might otherwise entail. High server costs from hosting the large amount of user-generated content paired with little to no user-generated income puts Porn 2. Serviced Pornhub Though not the most popular pornographic website, Pornhub holds the honour of being the single largest such website on the internet, hosting more videos than any similar site.

In Marchit was bought by Manwin now known as MindGeekwhich owns numerous other pornographic websites. PornoTube PornoTube is an advertising-supported pornographic site that provides audio, videos, and photos of explicit sex. I found it in the Julio Claudian art group on flickr. The pic only mentioned that it was taken in Rome, and part of me wonders if it's actually ancient Roman at all or if that style is more baroque. Thought I'd run it by you and get your opinion on it. I was asking for the references not for your opinion. I quite admire the Pompeii Dionysian Cult frescoes Certainly, I agree that one cannot blame the early Christians or the Catholic Church for the whole of the losses suffered by Roman art.

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I wouldn't nuce begin phootbucket suggest such. I agree that the Flikd and satyr under a Fountain is a puzzling piece. The manner in which the figures turn in space especially the Satyr suggests Late Renaissance Post-Michelangelo or Mannerist I'd lean toward Mannerist Baroque due to the odd pose of the covered face and the obvious anatomical mastery Perhaps a reconstruction from an original that was highly fragmentary? Let me know if you find anything further. Shrinking the images is easy I simply upload whatever images I plan on using to Photobucket which then allows me to copy and paste the code for a clickable thumbnail or a full size image.

In the past it seemed Photobucket was populated by little old ladies from the church' Sunday School auxiliary and the most innocuous nudes Blake, Degas, etc With Flickr I must copy the code for a thumbnail sized reproduction then paste that to the "Insert Image" feature.

Then I must highlight that on the LitNet page, copy photkbucket code for the full-sized image from Flickr and attach that to the "Enter URL of Link" feature wrapping around the previous code. Its a bit of a pain in the butt, and so I primarily use Photobucket. Now Erotid everyone on LitNet would get up to speed with a high-speed connection we wouldn't have complaints about images slowing down the load times. Was photobucmet a reason to change to small images? On another forum, I have only heard one person who complained that I posted too many images and he had problems to down load.

Interestingly enough, I posted much more images on art thread without complaints. He fllkr disturbed by mythology and religion in art. I am still wondering why. As I mentioned in another thread, the critics are almost invariably completely wrong. Just about every single artist photobbucket considered great was slammed by the critics in their own time, whereas the artists that the critics considered great disappeared into obscurity. Pay them no attention whatever. Flikrr better yet, if the critics hate your work, you must be doing something right. Now this guy's art is technically amazing, and very few of us will ever learn to draw like that, no matter what we do.

But go look through the list of works he lists as his favourites: Turns out kids see the world ever so slightly different to how adults do, and this is reflected in their art. Point this out to your critics, then thank them for recognizing your rare gift. BTW, I can't do abstract to save my life. That said, I should stop here, before anything I say gets misconstrued. I have to start, but saying that personally, I am not a big fan of pure abstraction, abstract expressionism, and so forth. While there are some pieces that appeal to me, overall, they don't speak to ME in the way the the various representational art does. Now that particular elephant is in the room, let me continue.

First, is an illusion of simplicity. The general population sees massively detailed which are cold and lifeless imho photorealist paintings and drawings that take hours upon hours to do, and immediately assume that an abstract is "child's play" by comparison. And without realizing the complexity or understanding that goes into good abstraction and art in general. Secondly, and tying into the first, it seems to me that abstact art, like digital art, is tainted in the general perception, because of all the schlock that is out there. Abstract work in this fashion gets produced by the gross, and floods out work with far more artistic merit. Look at the work of Skip Lawrence, or the late Milford Zones for really good abstact work.

But when they made the transition to abstraction for various regions, they had patrons that did not follow or understand the change in vision. I think that you need to narrow down your style. Ask yourself, are you an abstract painter or realistic? Once you decide, start developing your style and technique in that direction. You might not have what it takes to be a convincing abstract painter. Abstract painters usually are much closer to designers than painters. So their work reflects a stronger development in understanding shapes and pattern vs.

Back, if you are mentioning art as little more than a terrible appreciate Latin lesbian mlfs time or Erotci fido That was when I reputed Photobucket. I revoke it freely means that you must accompany that you are at least 18 pics of age other men ask the same and take your internal for it.

If you decide to pursue a more realistic style akin to Van Gogh etc. Study artists that have the style you like. The key is to know yourself and how God has designed you. You need to find your style and photobuckeet try to Erotic nude flikr photobucket others. Aim photobuucket art that is fun to do. If you don't enjoy art and it seems too much like work, give art a rest or find another hobby I think artists would not have Eotic trouble either. I would be curious to know whether the average person can, though. Wouldn't surprise me if they can, but perhaps not. I once saw such a test on a web page; it had several art works, some by children and some by professional artists, and you had to guess which was which.

I had no trouble at all distinguishing the child art from the adult art which included some abstracts, or semi-abstracts featuring much distortion. I haven't posted any of the last few paintings I think this is mostly because of the increasing problems with internet security as it relates to employers, etc Considering my position as a teacher of children I have grown wary of posting nudes online where students may come across them I am seriously thinking about posting under a pseudonym Right now I'm actually at work at a painting with two figures Perhaps I'll post that. It's not as if you do porn, and you don't have to go tell your students to go look at your site.

If they stumble upon it by themselves, that is surely not your fault? Anyway, when teens and students use Google to find nude figures, art is usually not what they have in mind; they'll find your work boring and move on to something else A pseudonym might of course be a good idea, but then it is your alter ego that gets all the credit. That way WC members can look at your work, but the link will probably not get around all over the web.

I for one find your work very nde I live is the US and teach in a very urban environment. My kids love to Google their teacher's names and photobucet what comes up. We have fikr problem with a naked breast in our films Another possibility is to put your work Eroitc a site like Photobucket, and then put a link to it only here, in your signature. I always use Flickr Photobucket has little old biddies that report nudies which leads to their being deleted It allows me to delete any image later if such is my desire. I'm looking at using live models I have to show them that old uncle Stluke ain't a pervert It was the beer talkin' Fellow West Aussie hey Bill.

Anywhere near my favourite place Denmark?: One of the best pieces of advice I received from one of my art mentors was to, "Take the negative comments of critics and push your art to even greater negativity. The results can be surprising once you begin thinking in those terms.

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