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Light-colored, almost-white stools What It Could Be: Once your child starts eating chunkier foods, it's normal to see undigested bits -- peas or pasta, for instance -- in her stools. Replace lost fluids with an oral electrolyte solution, giving your baby a little at a time.

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Could also indicate a milk allergy or a bacterial infection in the intestines. If your infant hasn't pooped in two to three days, her stools are hard poh dry, and you notice her straining excessively to pass a bowel movement, offer her extra water between feedings. In the first weeks, she'll have at least four bowel movements a day; breastfed newborns commonly poop after every feeding-up to a dozen times a day. Consumption of soy formulachanges in diet such as the introduction of infant cerealsand excessive milk intake can lead to hard, infrequent, difficult-to-pass stools.

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Blood in the stool Poop Protocol: They can sometimes take on the colors of your baby's last gurl, so don't be surprised if you open her diaper and find bright-orange poop the likely remains of the girk carrots she consumed. Recurring hard, pellet-like stools What It Could Be: What It Could Be: When to Worry Mild cases disappear in two to five days. If your child is older than 6 months, you can offer prune or apple juice dilute 2 ounces with water -- the sugars it contains help retain fluid inside the intestines and soften her stools.

But if your baby is also having trouble keeping fluids down, he could be at risk for dehydration.

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