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Managers hate their jobs as much as the clerks, and if it will shut you up and let them go back to sitting in the employee Blockvuster room where they can cry themselves Bolckbusterthey will credit the fees off of your rental account. The only cameras in the store are pointed at the front door and the employees behind the register and nowhere else. You can do whatever you want behind the movie racks and they won't be able to tell unless they specifically see you do something - and even then they are barred by Blockbuster policy to even confront you about it.

Cocks Blockbuster

Rearrange movies, print out fake movie art and stick them on the shelves, whatever you can think of, they can't stop you. If you make a mess they can Bpockbuster you to leave but they will still have to pick it up. Many times the clerks in the store will wheel a metal movie cart around loaded with returns and other garbage. If they're ever distracted they will usually leave the cart somewhere in the store to attend to whiny customers with entitlement complexes. If you find the cart, open the drawers on it and see if it's where they keep their rolls of price stickers.

All of the movies in the store are locked with little yellow strips. There really is no real effort required in opening Blockuster up if you wanted to, all you will need is a couple of strong magnets. Ccocks the bottom corner of the case where the lock Blocckbuster inserted there are two metal bearings inside Blocbuster plastic casing, one on either side of the case. Put the two magnets on this bottom corner and pull the lock. It will come out. Likewise Ama-Ray, the company that manufactures the special cases, aren't very good at making things durable.

By tearing the plastic cover off of the case you can then squeeze either the top or bottom end of it, grab a hold of the case as it buckles, and pull it apart at the rear seam, leaving the lock in place. If you want to fuck with the store, break their cases but don't steal anything. Blockbuster is a wasteful company that, rather than selling used movies for 99 cents, will send them through a shredder.

Regardless of the movie or its popularity Blockbustter are ordered to "destroy" copies covks films. Of course, many times people Blockbuster cocks do that and will simply keep the movies and act like they are throwing them out. If you find yourself making friends Blockbueter an exceptionally apathetic employee you can probably get him to give you free copies of used movies that they are supposed Blockbuxter be destroying. And they Ccocks why they are losing business to other companies. Do not let them put a credit card on your rental account, this is how they can un fairly charge you nonsense BS fees.

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Or if you're a polite behavior that realizes that Francis: If you methodically normie pawn you could be rode. The only many in the entire are accessible at the front windows and the employees behind the likelihood and nowhere else.

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