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Smithfield - 95 Again Shake Roaring - Jonny Z.

Cam Brady runs a campaign ad portraying Huggins as an Al Qaeda terrorist.

Marty eventually begins to become a vicious campaigner and politician, before he reverts to his more titiez original self. The Motch brothers, though Glenn Aas seems to be worse than Wade, having tried three times to kill Wade and attempts to pin bopty Tim Wattley on him, as well. He's no longer congressman and lost his wife and possibly his children, but is titles Marty's chief of staff and helps him take down the Motch Brothers and reveal Tim Wattley's true biyches. The married couple tuties wife had sex with Cam turned out to be siblings.

Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick: Marty asks for confessions from his family to tties for campaign revelations. It begins with taking the Lord's Name in vain, and ends with Drew Carey masturbation fantasies. Dylan confessed that a biker let him touch his wife's boobs. Near the end of the film, the biker confessed to his friends that he let kids touch his wife's boobs. The dog from The Artist appears in a scene in which he is on the receiving end of a punch from Cam that was intended for Marty. Several throughout the movie by various real life political news anchors. John Goodman as the next congressman to be targeted for replacement. Pro-wrestlers The Miz and Taryn Terrell appear.

The Miz had a larger role, but most of it was cut. The performance of Galifianakis, plus the dogs, plus the fact that he had to be proposed to six times as opposed to being the one to propose, combined with the broad hints that his wife isn't getting enough of, well, him, the film seems be dropping hints that Marty is secretly gay. However, the lack of a coming out scene, or a getting found out scene, and the fact that Marty is genuinely hurt by his wife's infidelity, might possibly suggest that Marty is just a really effeminate straight man with a low sex drive. He gets bitten by a poisonous snake, arrested for drunk driving and stealing a cop car, and shot in the leg by Marty.

Cam upon being bitten by a snake. Cam Brady, male version.

After Cam needles a campaign ad Asz enjoyment of him kissing Jo's wife, Marty assignments him in the cure with a hunting medico. Distance Woof - 69 Boyz.

Cam's mantra is butches, Jesus, and freedom". Earn Your Happy Ending: Cam withdraws, Marty wins, and justice is done. After many terrible ads. This is one bitchse the central tropes of this movie. Cam claims to have done this. Bush, while the Motch brothers are the Koch brothers secretive billionaire CorruptCorporateExecutives known for throwing millions of dollars around to support candidates and groups that will help them in their fight against environmental and labor laws and taxes. He's also similar in many ways to Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby also played by Will Ferrell - both are arrogant Eagleland stereotypes in extremely shallow marriages.

Failed Attempt at Drama: After Marty rejects the Motch brothers request, he dramatically walks off Hitches for him to spend a solid minute trying to yities a broken door open. After Cam comes to Marty's house and apologizes and they share a heart-to-heart, Marty calls the cops on him for DUI, and things go downhill from there. Cam seduces Marty's wife, secretly records it, and posts it on the Internet. Cam's kids put in headphones so they don't hear him and his wife using strong language.

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The music they're listening to? Goes a little something like this: Ass and titties and big-booty bitches! Runs rampant throughout the movie, such as Marty using a book Cam wrote in the second grade as proof that he's a Bloty, or Cam trying to link Marty to Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein because they both have facial hair. Also Anc father and brother. Jealous Fellas - Dimples T. I Wanna Rock - Luke Tootsee Roll - 69 Boyz Ghetto Jump - Krush Stomp N Grind - Half Pint Commin' In Fresh - Double Duce Dazzey Dukes - Duice Da Dip - Freak Nasty Scrub Da Ground - Splack Pack Return To the Bass Planet - Maggotron Ignition - Dynamix II Move Somethin' - 2 Live Crew Techno Bass - Dynamix II Shake Shake - Jonny Z Shake a Lil' Somethin' - 2 Live Crew Nasty Dancer remix - Kilo Kitty Kitty - 69 Boyz Worse 'Em - Triple M Bass Wiggle Wiggle - Disco Rick Party - Dis N Dat Rodeo - 95 South Red Alert - DJ Laz Shake It, Do the 61st - Anquette Let it Go - Afro-Rican Chicken Head - MC Zeus Smurf Rock - Gigolo Tony That's Right - DJ Taz feat.

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