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They inform one another on their location in trees by means of contact-calls. Pboto series of high-pitched 'zeedling' notes are TTit by both partners before and during copulation. Learnt Behaviours[ edit ] Eurasian blue tits are able to culturally transmit learning to other tit species. Its most recent appearance on a British stamp was the Birds of Britain series. The cap is usually darker than the azure tit, and the tail is paler than the Eurasian blue tit.

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It is not unusual for a single bird to feed the chicks in the nest at a rate of one feed every 90 seconds during the height of the breeding season. Nests may be robbed by mammals such as weasels and red squirrelsas well as introduced grey squirrels in the UK. The successful breeding of chicks is dependent on sufficient supply of green caterpillars as well as satisfactory weather.

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