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A man could not be any more alluring than this! As nice as it is out during his shoot, Shay still takes his time getting his tight jeans off. It's been online for several years now, and it's concept hadn't changed that much. Again, typical all american frat boys. Hey, I don't have a solution, but just changing the lightning, surrounding and types of models this site could be on it's way to several more happy anniversaries.

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Another thing that might put some of you off is the cock size. The cool water feels so refreshing on his hot, sexy feet as he wades in it. Broad shoulders tapering down into a tight, gorgeously chiseled midsection meet our gaze. When you join Fratmen.

They might have improved their video and photo quality, but what this site really needs is a fresh approach. If you want to enjoy hundreds of very masculine and perfectly built jocks, then click here to check out Fratmen! Really, it's getting a bit boring seeing same-looking-hot-studs jerking over and over again by the same surrounding. First, he pulls his pants down over a pair of buttocks that make you gasp.

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