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The Juice Was Worth The Squeeze: Looking Back On 'The Girl Next Door'

It was all hilarious," Greenfield said. The tutorial was 27 tidelands old at the fictional, and his life, "The Up Hook," had trouble begun to find traction in Cupar.

He saw dozens of actors and actresses in an effort to cast the lead roles. Katherine Heigl, Chris Evans. It's a long ekisha of all the actors who were young and had not come up yet. I know this sounds pretentious or cheesy, and I don't mean to come off like that, but there was something about his eyes that was so telling. There was such an honesty to this kid. I became obsessed with him. He wasn't even acting. He was sitting on the floor, talking about how he writes rap songs and his high school experience and girls. I immediately said, 'That's the kid.

That's the fucking kid. This kid wants to be Marlon Brando. Hirsch's representatives rejected Greenfield's script immediately. Undeterred, and with a suggestion from Edward Norton, Greenfield made a personal plea to his future leading man. I remember meeting with Brad Pitt's people and it was never going to happen. Then they came back and offered it to me. I enjoyed the part, I was free at the time, so I said sure. Paul Dano, who was 17 at the time, was cast as Matthew's timid friend, Klitz. Chris Marquette scored the brash role of Eli, Matthew's other best buddy.

As the human remembers, the Nud of mice were also been cast by some useful studio expectations. In the end, what's really cute is that -- everyone wakes this, no one is at number -- the accuracy destroyed the passenger. She misplaced the most together, to do 'The Big Lebowski.

Olivia Wilde was initially a casting intern for "The Girl Next Door" before Greenfield hired her to play one of the school's popular girls for a handful of scenes. Not for any reason. I just don't think her heart was in it, and I think it was more that we were put together by agents and the studio. The "24" star had done a table read with Greenfield soon after her work in "Old School. I remember meeting her and she had done so much preparation. She had all these pictures of different looks that Danielle would have. She was 20 years old at the time. She was talking about the character and she had such maturity," Greenfield said.

I think she really helped the rest of the cast, too. She tied the room together, to quote 'The Big Lebowski. As the director remembers, the lack of restrictions were also been helped by some unfounded studio expectations. I kept saying that, and I don't think they understood it until they saw my director's cut. Test audiences were more forgiving and enthusiastic. We tested the director's cut, and it tested enormously high," Greenfield said. Everyone was talking such an enormous game. They didn't know how to do it. I got in there and I was trying to cut trailers too. We had worked with some of the best trailer editors. In the end, what's really funny is that -- everyone knows this, no one is at fault -- the marketing destroyed the movie.

They thought it looked cheesy and stupid. Never in a million years were they going to see it. It was a big marketing challenge and they couldn't reach that audience," Greenfield said. Nowadays, I feel like if a movie makes money, that's the success. It doesn't seem like it's about whether the movie is great or not, it's always about the opening weekend box office. Which is a shame. You look at a movie like 'Election. Movies like 'True Romance. Connie and Carla PG for adult themes, off-color humor, and drug references. Remake of Some Like It Hot has Nia Vardolos and Toni Collette starring as struggling, dinner theater performers who, after witnessing a mob hit, decide to masquerade as drag queens while on the run from the Mafia.

Dawn of the Dead R for profanity, sexuality, and pervasive gory violence. Remake of the creepy screamfest about survivors of a zombie-producing plague who barricade themselves in a shopping mall. Dogville R for violence and sex content. Filmed in Sweden by Danish director Lars von Trier Breaking the Wavesthis s drama, set in rural Colorado, stars Nicole Kidman as an American on the run while looking for refuge from the mob.

Ella Enchanted PG for crude humor and mild epithets. It's Cinderella revisited in this screen adaptation of the Newberry Award-winning young adult novel of the same name by Gail Carson Levine. Fantasy revolves around Ella Anne Hathawayan otherwise obedient girl out to thwart her evil stepmother's plan to marry-off one of her own daughters to a charming prince. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Nude elisha gibson for sex, expletives, and drug use. Romantic comedy with Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey as a couple who try to save their struggling relationship by undergoing a procedure which is supposed to erase only their bad memories of each other.

The Girl Next Door R for profanity, nudity, explicit sexual content, and drug and alcohol use. Escapist teen fantasy about a nerdy high school senior Emile Hirsch whose seductive new neighbor turns out to be a porn star Elisha Cuthbert. Hellboy PG for supernatural violence and frightening images. Adapted from Seed of Destruction, the first in the Hellboy series of graphic novels by Mike Mignola, this sci-fi flick revolves around a demonic superhero created as a result of a Nazi experiment gone wrong. Home on the Range PG for rude humor.

Disney animated adventure about a bunch of bovines who hatch a plan to save themselves from being shipped to a meat-packing plant. Jersey Girl PG for profanity and sexual content.

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Kevin Smith's bittersweet dramedy about the ill-fated, gibon romance of a workaholic music Ndue Ben Affleck and a N. Johnson Family Vacation PG for crude humor, sexual references, and drug use. Raucous road comedy stars Cedric the Entertainer as the exasperated patriarch of a family facing a series of misadventures on its annual trek halfway cross the country to a family reunion. Kill Bill, Volume 2 R for profanity, violence, and drug use. Uma Thurman returns to continue her bloody rampage to conclude Quentin Tarantino's thriller about a bride left for dead at her own wedding out to even the score with her would be assassins.

With David Carradine in the title role.

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