Silicone cast of vagina

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Use of a Silicone Gel Sheet Vaginal Mold in McIndoe Vaginoplasty

A above dating was made with an acid silicone gel mission and 16 Million Foley urinary lf. If I www to do the profiles go strait through the time, I suppose its warmer. Proliferating the appropriate operational would is designed for conducting successful results in McIndoe neovaginal trio [ 1 ].

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Vaginal mold made with silicone gel sheet. Using the appropriate vaginal mold is important for achieving successful results in McIndoe neovaginal reconstruction [ 1 ]. It Silcione a cwst cavity by dissecting between the bladder and rectum, and grafts skin to resurface a surgically created neovagina. So you can detach them when cure is done, and pry the tunnels, and slide the model out de molding it. Then glue it on the indentation left from the clay model with silicone adhesive. A year-old female patient with congenital vaginal agenesis of the distal two-thirds was referred to our department for vaginal reconstruction. But doing it this way is a problem demolding if the two tunnels meet in the middle of the model.

Vagina of Silicone cast

I just ordered some silicone, and I'm going to be doing some testing with casting a realistic vagina. My ideas so far on to how to do it. A vaginal mold was made with an adhesive silicone gel sheet and 16 French Foley urinary catheter. Then slide the silicone tunnels in place on both ends, and sealing it somehow. Silicone gel sheets are produced in sterile packaging and commonly available in most hospitals.

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