Statistics on violent teens today

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Teenage Violence Statistics

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These vkolent do not even take into account the number of students that think about violence against themselves on a regular basis. Additionally, these statistics do not take into account the rising instances of self-injury, which do not necessarily need to be associated with suicidal feelings, but which is a form of self-violence 2, 3.

Statistcs Teen Violence Day to Day Not only is teen violence related to violent toray and self-violence, but also there are lesser forms of violence that are perhaps more prevalent and worrisome, as they indicate a vioent toward teen violence as an every day occurrence. A national CDC survey indicates that In 30 days preceding the CDC survey, The weapon could be a gun, knife or club. These costs take into account tangible medical costs, but also the intangible costs associated with lost productivity and reduction in quality of life 4: Healthcare costs increase in communities with teen violence. Costs arise from injury and death, such as medical care and funeral expenses.

Decreasing property values affect areas with high incidents of teen violence, impacting both long time residents and new residents.

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In4, young people were homicide victims. This translates into every day 13 young people in this country are murdered and an additional 1, visit our hospitals for non-fatal injuries. Are you a writer or producer working on a current TV or film project? Contact the program for technical assistance. Every member of a neighborhood is harmed by youth violence. Violence increases health care costs, decreases property values, disrupts social services, and threatens the viability of businesses.

On violent teens today Statistics

Violence or fear of violence can cause people to spend less time outdoors being physically active and reduces participation Statistice activities that support healthy living and a vibrant community. Can It Be Prevented? Youth violence is preventable. Comprehensive strategies that address the multiple individual, family, and neighborhood risks for violence can lead to community-wide and long-lasting reductions. Family approaches that help parents and caregivers set age-appropriate rules and effectively monitor activities and relationships are also effective. Furthermore, economic, policy, environmental, and other community approaches can enhance safety and increase opportunities for positive social interaction.

The Bottom Line More than one-third of homicide victims are young people.

Every day, on average, 13 young people in this country are murdered and an additional giolent, visit our hospitals for non-fatal violence-related injuries. Youth violence is not inevitable. There is not one single factor, in isolation that places young people at risk for violence—their characteristics and experiences, their relationships with friends and family, and the characteristics of the community all play a role.

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