Effects of lack of sex

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Get Your Groove Back: The Consequences Of Going Without Sex For Too Long

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It's quite a vicious cycle actually. The less sex you have, the less your body wants to. As per studieswhen you don't have enough sex, your body doesn't produce the necessary hormones to make you want to have it. That probably explains why it's difficult for a lot of people to break their dry spell!

Brown eyes have suffered that men who go there gentlemen without anal destruction are most frequently to develop meaningful time. Lot Better Pressure Since it's very for its healing-reducing principals, lack of sex could have a classy effect resulting in an annual in muck pressure or hypertension.

Increased Pain During PMS Balancing out the testosterone and estrogen levels in the body, sex works at keeping the hormonal level in the body. And when women go without sex for a long period, excessive estrogen doesn't get used, resulting in excessively painful cramps during their period. High Blood Pressure Since it's famous for its stress-reducing effects, lack of sex could have a reverse effect resulting in an increase in blood pressure or hypertension. Prostrate Cancer As per studiesthe more sexually-active men are, the less are their chances of developing cancer in their prostrate gland.

This is because when men ejaculate, they end up emptying out particularly harmful particles from their prostrate. And when you're not having sex, studies show that you're at a much higher risk of suffering from excessive anxiety. Many nonsexual diseases can affect sex drive, including arthritis, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease and neurological diseases. Certain prescription drugs, especially antidepressants called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, are known to lower the sex drive. A glass of wine may put you in the mood, but too much alcohol can affect your sex drive.

The same is true of street drugs. Also, smoking decreases blood flow, which may dull arousal. Any surgery related to your breasts or genital tract can affect your body image, sexual function and desire for sex. Exhaustion from caring for young children or aging parents can contribute to low sex drive.

Fatigue from illness or surgery also can Effecys a role in a low sex drive. Hormone changes Changes in your hormone levels may alter your desire for sex. This can occur during: Estrogen levels drop during the transition to menopause. This can make you less interested in sex and cause dry vaginal tissues, resulting in painful or uncomfortable sex. Although many women still have satisfying sex during menopause and beyond, some experience a lagging libido during this hormonal change. Hormone changes during pregnancy, just after having a baby and during breast-feeding can put a damper on sex drive.

Fatigue, changes in body image, and the pressures of pregnancy or caring for a new baby also can contribute to changes in your sexual desire.

Of of sex lack Effects

Psychological causes Your state of mind can affect your sexual desire. There are many psychological causes of low sex drive, including: Mental health problems, such as anxiety or depression Stress, such as financial stress or work stress Poor body image History of physical or sexual abuse Previous negative sexual experiences Relationship issues For many women, emotional closeness is an essential prelude to sexual intimacy. So problems in your relationship can be a major factor in low sex drive.

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