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For instance, in July, a Taiwanese teenager was found dead after sitting for 40 hours in an Internet cafe playing " Diablo 3. And trens summer, a year-old man from the U. His father told "The Sun" newspaper, "He lived for his Xbox. I never dreamed he was in any danger. But psychologists who study video games and kids bideos parents needn't worry about the amount of time spent gaming, unless screen time starts to affect school, health or social life. And, of course, a stint of tens of hours gaming is likely to negatively affect schoolwork and lead to social woes. That said, researchers remain concerned about the effects of violent content in video gameswhich have been linked by many studies to aggressive behavior.

Too much screen time? These days, screens of one kind or another occupy youth for 50 hours a week, a survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation reports. Video-gaming consumed nine weekly hours for teens, the Kaiser survey found, while a Harris Poll conducted for Gentile during the same period reported 13 hours a week spent gaming on computers and consoles. While some kids can shoot 'em up for hours, for others, too much time gaming leads to poor school performance.

Recent studies have finally linked the cause and effect, showing that gaming displaces after-school academic activities such as homework and reading. A study from vkdeos at Denison University in Ohio, published in the journal Psychological Brwak, compared two groups of boys that had brsak owned gaming systems. They gave one group a system right away, but withheld games from the other group for four months. Boys who received the video-game system first had more teacher-reported learning problems and significantly lower reading and writing scores than the other boys.

Problems in school are relatively easy for parents to fix: Limit screen time — of course, if you can get the controller out of his or her hands. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no more than one to two hours per day in front of any electronics. Violent games and aggression What's harder to control is violent content in video games.

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The Pew Research Center reported in that more than 90 percent of games Yong as appropriate for children 10 years or older contained violence, including games rated "E" for everyone. Videoos researchers Youmg violence as the ability of a player to intentionally harm others in a game. Now most researchers will agree that video games can help as well as harm. Find allies in other parents. Connect with families from the neighborhood, school, and local place of worship and find out what other parents do to manage technology use in the home. Each family must determine the principles and practices that will work for them.

Find activities to replace it. And be creative about it. Ratner, and his family enjoy homegrown cabarets as entertainment at their family gatherings and also go to professional storytelling events: This is one of those simple and timeless parenting principles.

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Find which rules work and stick to them. Bresk are the easiest and safest targets for them to practice on. Will we cover our ears, or will we take the opportunity to teach, guide, and protect? Find ways to make technology habits productive. A technology obsessed teen might be finding a passion.

Channel that and put it to work. Enroll that kid in a programming, animation, or app design class. In order to survive in the workplace, our kids were going to have to be computer literate.

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