4 channel breast array

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MRI 7 Channel Breast Kit

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To obtain accurate temperature maps and tissue characterization, specialized MR radio frequency RF coils are needed. MRI can, therefore, be used for monitoring the cancerous and healthy tissue during treatment, thus, increasing the efficacy and safety of the procedure. MRI can help in this process because breast cancer can be well visualized using MRI 4 and MRI can also be used to measure temperature changes in glandular tissue during treatment 5 — 9.

Channel breast array 4

This is done completely non-invasively, without any cahnnel, which chaannel the pain and duration of recovery. Also, with a larger MRgHIFU system water tank we have noticed standing electromagnetic waves that interfered with the coil tune frequency. This required water breasr between the breast and the transducer, however the water volume was minimized to allow the design of an RF coil array to be placed outside of the water volume and yet still in close proximity to the breast This work presents a dedicated channel coil for imaging of the breast tissue in the MRgHIFU setup without obstruction of the ultrasound beam and, specifically, compares its performance in SNR, overall imaging time, and temperature measurement accuracy to that of the standard single chest-loop coil typically used in breast MRgHIFU.

The effort placed in keeping the coil outside the water volume was due to our experience that showed coils that were completely surrounded by water had a reduced SNR profile compared to a coil that was air backed.

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The benefits of one large chest-loop coil for breast MRgHIFU is that it is array with the ultrasound beam, and, it has a more homogenous signal profile than an breazt of smaller loops. The cumulative incidence of a tumor recurrence in the ipsilateral breast 20 years after surgery was The specific goal of this work was to increase signal sensitivity in the breast for improved temperature measurement accuracy, tumor visualization, and tissue characterization for MRgHIFU. The design of the treatment cylinder, and transducer positioning system on which the RF coil array is mounted have been described elsewhere

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