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I've started fucking bare with one of blkg flatmates lately - sometimes we sleep in each others beds and fuck until midnight before we bloog to go to sleep for work, and cim again when we wake up we have a quickie. Keeping a guy's cum inside you How long do you keep a man's spunk inside you after sex? And he falls on me, as his penis softens inside me… magical! Personnally I love when a bottom keeps it inside, and once he knows his ass is leaking cum or that all tops have empty ballshe pulls all loads out and drinks them while begging for more. I'm not sure why I'm assuming it's his size or something? Do you drink it?

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Maybe because he's planting it deeper then anyone else has in me or something? So, I am wondering, what does it feel like to have another guy cum in you? That usually helps them work themselves a bit deeper where it's comfortable. Once you have your ass filled with cum, what do you do with it? Hot crampie video HD Hey guys, my BF and I have been going out for awhile now and we're both committed to each other, and have barebacked a few times, but never creamed inside of me.

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