How to be a good fucker

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What Women Want in Bed: How to Fuck a Woman Properly

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If you do eat a woman out, the only comment you should make about her pussy is how nice it bood. The length of her labia minora, the color of her interior, her aa job or full bush — you are not John Madden. No time for color commentary. Do not bitch about condoms. Oh, we hate them. They hurt us more than they hurt you. We really like it when you come. Watching semen shoot out of you is one of the most gratifying things EVER. However, do not assume that she wants you to jack it off onto her face. I do mean to say that most women I know have told me that they like sex rougher than most men give it to them.

Rough does NOT equal chains and bondage. And this applies to the bedroom only, and does not mean that she wants you to choose her dinner for her, or treat her like less of a person.

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What if I hurt her? What if I shoot off too soon? Is my dick too small? Am I better than her ex? What if she gets pregnant?! Performance anxiety makes it impossible to gucker focus. Think Superbad, when Michael Cera tells his girl she would have a smooth cock if she was a guy. In fact, you end up focusing on trying to stay focused. Here are some suggestions to help you practice: A lot of the worries that come up during sex can be dispelled just by getting better educated. All those worries can be challenged beforehand. Challenging thought patterns is a common psychological technique that helps you get over performance anxiety.

Ask yourself if these thoughts Hoa any basis in real life evidence. If they do, ask yourself what HHow can do about them and if they really matter. Furthermore, discussing sex can help you understand what she likes so that you can give her more of it. Sounding insecure is in itself a turn-off. You may not be able to help her live out her exact fantasy, but you might be able to do something similar.

For example, if the theme of her fantasy is being dominated, you can use that knowledge as an indication that you should use more dominance. If her fantasy involves being dominant, you could give her an opportunity to live that fantasy out, too. Get creative with how you discuss sex. The above should gopd you some starting points, but the conversation should be organic overall, not gkod scripted. Of course, knowing how to fuck bood girl well is going to be a much more valuable skill if you can effortlessly attract beautiful women. Follow me on Snapchat to see daily infield footage approaches, makeouts, pulls Username: AveryGHayden Get your free book: The Psychology of Seduction Learn how to use proven psychological principles to attract women.

In this book, you will learn: How to increase your value using the power of scarcity. Everything's going great, you're coming up on orgasm 85 or so, and all the sudden, BAM! She climaxes so hard, she rescinds the ability to speak or comprehend English, and you have to begin tutoring her from the bottom-up, starting with basic letters and phonetic sounds. Fortunately, her burning desire to learn English as a way to communicate how well she was just made love to will speed up the learning process far beyond that of traditional learning curves. Don't even get me started on this. And guys, it is quite possible to learn to use your cock to stimulate your partner rather than just using it as a battering ram.

Nina Hartley and others have instructional videos out on how to ass fuck a woman. Buy or rent them, watch them, and learn from them. Keep in mind also that technical skills include not only the physical but the psychological as well. The art of arousing a partner goes a long way toward making the sex hot and memorable.

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Fuckee how to tease, knowing how to use dirty language appropriately, and knowing when to go from suggestion to action are the hallmarks of someone who is skilled in the art of fucking. Playful sexual banter over the course of an entire day, followed by a session of unconstrained sex will be just as memorable to your partner as an hour of intensely physical sex without the precedent playfulness, trust me. Understand that you have to have a two-way interaction with your partner s and work to achieve that, even with a one-night stand.

Listen to the breathing, the moaning, the groaning, feel the body reactions, etc.

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