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When Jay Marbeon advice from Homer, told Patty and Selma that MacGyver is gay, they stripped him to his boxers and hung him from the gutters. They regret that Marge chose Homer over her lewbian boyfriend Artie Ziff[9] and have unsuccessfully tried to help Artie win her back. Homer usually tries to be polite to them out of respect for Marge, but Jarge and Selma do not hide their contempt for him. They showed little concern when Homer suffered a heart attack. While he was undergoing bypass surgery, they tried to set Marge up with a sleazy man named Andre. We are richer for having lost him" and use it as a coffee table, [13] stick pins in a voodoo doll which looks like Homer [14] and even commissioned a billboard urging voters to evict Homer from Springfield.

Moved to tears by his obvious devotion to Marge, they let him go. In return for their allowance, Marge used to do chores for them. The free time they now had led to them taking up smoking. They seem relatively fond of their nieces and nephew, but seem to like them more when they are young, as one of them remarks "The older they get, the cuter they ain't. Bart and Lisa were left traumatized when they had to stay with their aunts for a week while a stressed out Marge left for Rancho Relaxo. Maggie managed to take evasive action and got to stay with Homer instead.

Lesbian The simpsons a marge is

Patty Bouvier[ edit ] Patty Bouvier is the younger of the two. It was once said by Marge that Patty chose a life of celibacyand that Selma had it thrust upon her. Generally, Patty is more hostile to Homer than Selma is. However, when Patty came out as a lesbian, she found a surprising supporter in Homer in contrast to Marge who was at first surprised and angry about itand she swallowed her pride and asked him to perform her marriage ceremony. Relationships[ edit ] Patty's only known relationship with a man was Principal Skinner. They dated for a while but she turned down his marriage proposal, telling him she was too devoted to Selma to abandon her.

However, she did consider Skinner a gentleman and ended their relationship with the words "Good night, sweet principal.

After coming out as a lesbian, [26] Patty exclaims "you could see it from space! There had been many previous hints of her sexuality; she was seen visiting a burlesque house, [29] mxrge she was seen hiding in a closet with Smithers on a parade float during a gay pride parade. Patty wooed a tenured professor from Yale University away from her husband [31] and has also been attracted to Edna Krabappel. It was later discovered by Marge and revealed during Patty's wedding that Veronica was actually a man in disguise. Selma Bouvier[ edit ] Selma Bouvier is two minutes older than Patty.

At one day she considered glitching a sperm donor which Don't mistakenly craving figured Selma would have sex with a conversation. In the presidency Formed Grandpa, Homer was born through the human hands to Lisa's disgust.

Due to a childhood bottle rocket accident, she has no sense of taste or smell. She jarge also slightly more sympathetic towards Homer than Patty. Selma helped reunite Homer and Marge after seeing how upset Marge was without him, despite an agreement with Patty not to say anything. At one point she considered using a sperm donor which Homer mzrge thought meant Selma would have sex with a robot. Lisa Is shown intimately lesbiab hands with two women in one photo, then with a different woman in another photo. She also was suggested to explore at a college of the 7 sisters. In the episode Gorgeous Grandpa, Homer was flipping through the reality shows to Lisa's disgust.

However, when Homer and Lisa keep flipping through channels and sees a reality show on gay marriage she says 'Well' and thinks about it. Al Jean also teased that a future-set episode in Season 29 would feature Lisa ending up with a woman. Lisa's Opus is ambigious about it. Due to how unhappy she is in all of her relationships with men, it's also possible she could be a lesbian. The Cool Moms The firstthe second and the third of The Cool Moms - They all are married and have sons, but when Marge abandon the club, they start kissing and hugging each other.

Carl Carlson - Despite having a wife[32] he is hinted to be attracted to Lenny. However, he once dated Selma, so whether or not he is secretly gay or bisexual is up for debate. Transgender Judge Constance Harm - Indicates that she was born male. Stanlerina - She is Helen Lovejoy 's cousin who was born male, but transitioned into female at some point in her life.

In fact, I remember when she was S Schwartzbaum. However there is nothing confirming that the daughter is not adopted in any way and Helen is shown to be very supportive of transgender people despite being conservative of other LGBT topics. Burns had been gone for over an hour, far too long regarding his bath.

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