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Fuel burn at cruise is an economic six US gallon per hour. As a true high performance aerobatic sport plane with a flight load of 6g the Midget has few equals as speedy cross-country traveller. Standard Midget kits include a fully assembled centre section including pre-bent parts and pre-rolled wing leading edges. Quick built kits consisting of fully or partially built wings, assembled tail group spars consisting of are also available. All bulkhead parts, wing skins and control surfaces are pilot drilled.

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Sadly the market never developed partly because of the large number of surplus WWII aircraft available at bargain prices and partly due to mustanv state of the economy. Midget class racers were restricted to an engine of no more than cubic inches, a minimum wing area of 66 square feet, minimum midgett of pounds, fixed landing gear and a structure able to with stand at least 6G. Midget Mustang Specifications All figures at gross weight: Individual builders have opted to fit larger engines though the Midget cruises comfortably at mph with a top speed of just over mph when powered by the hp Continental. More than Midget Mustangs have been built around the world and Long's design has acquired the reputation as being one of the best sport planes ever and had stood the test of time and now, sixty five years wherever it is parked or visiting the Midget will always drew a crowd of admirers.

Aircrafr Poh midget mustang

All parts supplied are powder coated. Mystang the years there have been four Midget Grand Champion's at Oshkosh, no mean feat as the title is hotly contested. In the late 50s homebuilding had become all the rage and Robert Bob Bushby saw the potential of Long's design and purchased all the rights including tooling and form blocks from Schweitzer. Except for a sliding bubble canopy no other major changes have been made to Long's original design though Bushby responded to the demand for a two seater and the Mustang II also known as the Bushby Mustang was offered as an option.

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