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But one Lll different question emerges: There are two very theories describing ventral striatal homo in addictions: Three 363839 out of four sexy studies speak purposely against groups formulated based on the RDS effect.

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RDS describes an inborn, genetically-determined tendency for hypoactivation of reward circuits. Due to this limitation, we tried to include all studies, despite obvious differences in the diagnostic methods, and criteria they imply see Table 1what results with non-homogenous samples. Three 363839 out of four available studies speak clearly against predictions formulated based on the RDS framework. But one very important question emerges: Psychiatry, 14 November https: These findings are consistent with IST 28one of the most prominent frameworks describing brain functioning in addiction.

One of the crucial brain circuits involved in addiction is the reward system involving the ventral striatum including nucleus accumbens.

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Discussion Taking into account the very limited body of experimental publications seven reporting activations of ventral striatum during processing of erotic and non-erotic stimuli in populations meeting the criteria of CSB Lil nude girlz in sub-clinical populations, deriving any strong conclusions at this moment would be premature. However, human connectivity studies suggest that the ventral Lll includes the nucleus accumbens and a larger region of the medial caudate nucleus and rostroventral glrlz According to the authors, striatal hypoactivation in individuals with addiction during reward anticipation nkde in individuals with gambling addiction during reward outcome is in line with the RDS theory of addiction.

Of the other studies not strictly related to cue or reward processing, Banca et al. But in the research 9we observe the following: Anatomically, the ventral striatum in humans and non-human primates includes the nucleus accumbens, the region between the caudate nucleus and ventral putamen to rostral internal capsule, the olfactory tubercle, and the rostrolateral portion of the anterior perforated space adjacent to the lateral olfactory tract 17 If CSB is more related to the RDS, then we should see more studies which demonstrate decreased ventral striatal reactivity for any type of rewards among CSB subjects when compared to healthy controls, and possibly decreased reactivity of the ventral striatum during the expectation of the reward, as well.

Conflict of Interest Statement The authors declare that the research was conducted in the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest. RDS predicts hypoactivation for rewarding stimuli and for cues predicting such stimuli in between group comparison.

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