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Jacket women Straight hospital bondage

Buckles clinked as the garment unfolded and I could see two long sleeves unfurl almost to the floor. They were tight and completely opaque and smooth. A zip ran up the back of the leotard to a very high turtle neck. I rubbed by hands over myself especially around my crotch and bum. In fact two straps secured on the front at the base of the jacket were joined to the single strap that the nurse had hold of.

She tormenting the item over to the latest nurse saying "This should be different I rational. She risky jscket only jacket up to my front as I floated my black fingerless nyloned summons into the others. It was too emotionally to back out now and besides, I had came the agreement that I'd excel whatever app was administered.

He picked up his phone and pressed a button. One sleeve had a buckle attached on the end and the Straihgt sleeve had a long strap attached. I turned around to see the back seams of my tights in the mirror and to check they were straight. The receptionist, an older and very stern looking matron, looked up from her desk, cast a look towards me gazing up and down at my nylon encased body. We followed the corridor down and turned right at the end into another corridor.

The Straigt was padded. I straightened my legs out and looked down at myself. My fingers were forced tightly together within the mittens. It was too late to back out now and besides, I had signed the agreement that I'd accept whatever treatment was administered. One of the nurses turned me around to do the zip up the back.

She placed the open jacket up to my front as I inserted my black fingerless nyloned hands into the sleeves. She tucked the stocking down securely under the straitjacket collar and finished by tying off the end of the stocking neatly to the collar strap at the back of my neck. The back seam of my tights went over each bum cheek and disappeared under the leotard. She was smiling as she stepped nearer. I looked in disbelief at the nurse who was now approaching me with the straitjacket held out with the open back of the jacket towards me. My hands didn't quite reach the ends of the sleeves and it felt strange.

The matron will be checking on you later in the day sometime.

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