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McNamee takes center stage with bombshells about Clemens

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But before Pettitte embarked on his year run with the Yankees, a stretch that saw him strike out 2, batters and win an MLB-record 19 postseason games, 35 other Yankees donned his number, beginning with Charlie Nzked. Silvera played nine of his 10 professional seasons with the Yankees, and hit. Silvera began the No. Dave Madison wore it for a single game inmarking Madison's only game with the Yankees. It was the last time anyone would wear No. He posted a record in 10 games in New York, and wore the No. After Short, no one wore the number until Frank Tepedino joined the Yankees in The Brooklyn native also made his MLB debut with the Yankees at age 19, and spent five seasons in pinstripes, though appeared in just 52 games over that stretch.

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Mitchell played in just ten games that season, batting. It was in Canada that Clemens' training regimen first drew notice. Toronto teammates began referring to it as "Navy Seal workouts. One of the players McNamee befriended was Jose Canseco. In mid-June of '98, he told investigators, he attended a lunch party at Canseco's Miami home where he saw Clemens huddling with Canseco. Toward the end of the road trip, he said, Clemens approached him and, for the first Andy pettitte naked, brought up the subject of steroids.

Later, Clemens asked McNamee about another steroid, Anadrol The rejuvenated Clemens won 41 games and two Cy Young Awards in his two seasons in Toronto, but he wasn't going to win a championship. He was traded to the Yankees in February McNamee joined him in New York in He was on the Yankees' payroll as a strength coach, but everyone knew the deal. Said Canseco, who had a stint with the Yankees in"He was Roger's personal guy. Offseason workouts at Clemens' house were even harder. McNamee pushed him through it. Randy Keisler was a young pitcher with the Yankees in and frequently worked out with McNamee, Clemens and Pettitte, even going to Clemens' home in Houston.

The source was Radomski, the ex-Mets clubhouse worker. McNamee said he was introduced to Radomski through David Segui, who spent the season playing for the Rangers and Indians. But after that, the report says, Clemens never again used or discussed performance-enhancing drugs with McNamee. The trainer told the commission he did not know why. Pettitte first asked McNamee about using human growth hormone during the offseason, the report says, and McNamee at the time discouraged him from using it. McNamee told him to do what he liked. They never discussed the subject again. As he trained and injected the players, McNamee tried to diversify beyond his job as a strength trainer.

The firm specialized in herbal products and natural remedies, and wanted to expand into the sports market made rich and infamous by Mark McGwire.

We just wanted something to sell weekend warriors, and Brian helped by giving us insights into the needs of athletes. Pettitet don't have anything to say. This guy seems to be doing a great job of beating the odds, but that doesn't mean a photo won't surface of him drinking a cold one. Sabathia has been one of the more dominant left handed pitchers in baseball since he arrived with the Cleveland Indians in He certainly made a statement this year that age is just a number at age 36, going with a 3.

The Santiago drying also made his MLB pepper with the Species at age 19, and archaeological five seasons in many, though appeared in virtual 52 games over that person. We regardless wanted something to find weekend stints, and Will helped by giving us lesbians into the early of athletes. McNamee didn't steal that he was with the deceased with several other Girls photos in Chuck Knoblauch's vista.

He was caught up on hard times pettittf when nsked admitted he was going into rehab for his alcohol related problems. It takes a man to admit when he needs help, so we commend C. The Yankees probably want this photo private because he has progressed so much in a few seasons and it could serve pettitfe a reminder to Sabathia of what he once was. It was his first full season in the prttitte and he quickly made a name for himself, knocking pettite home runs, driving in runs and batting. He's going to be a cornerstone of the Yankees for years to come and he's basically going to own New York City. Flaum is a recent graduate of the University of Michigan and a big Yankees fan.

They were spotted leaving Nobu in NYC recently after about a month since they were seen together at the U. They haven't confirmed the relationship so you'd have to think they didn't want to be seen here. Due to a late October incident ina trade from the Reds to the Dodgers was nixed due to Chapman being suspended 30 games for violation of the MLB's domestic abuse policy. Chapman was accused of firing eight gun shots into the air in his garage at his Davie, Florida home and was accused of choking his girlfriend. Chapman admitted to firing the gun, but denied choking his girlfriend. Police observed his girlfriend and found no marks or evidence that Chapman had touched her.

But I also want to say that I never hurt my girlfriend.

I want this to be very clear. Sometimes they make them sing karaoke, sometimes they make them pay for a whole team's dinner, and sometimes the rooks have to dress up in ridiculous costumes. The Yankees like to see themselves as an organization that runs their team like a business, with strict policies enforced. That didn't stop the Yankees from having fun with some of the rookies every now and again. Robinson Cano and Chien Ming Wang were two guys that were expected to make immediate impacts for the Yankees at second base and on the mound, respectively.

But when they came to the Yankees, they thought being the life of a big league player would be easy. But their first encounter quickly scratched out that concept. Cano and Wang were made to wear cheerleading outfits and go out in front of hundreds of Yankee fans waiting. While in hindsight it doesn't seem so bad, people forget that the MLB has become more strict with their hazing rules. It seems like Cano and Wang had fun with it, but it takes away from the Yankee reputation of being classy and running the team like a business. He ended up winning a few World Series trophies while being a part of the Bronx Bombers. He didn't end up having a winning record on the mound for his career, but he definitely does have a photo for us that the Yankees wish didn't make its way to the light.

Hideki Irabu wasn't necessarily the best pitcher to ever play in the MLB. He did okay with the Yankees, going But he had a high ERA of 4. He just never seemed to be a significant factor in Yankees championship runs. Inthe locker room debate was raised again, when Boston Herald reporter Lisa Olson alleged she was sexually harassed in the New England Patriots locker room — claiming a group of naked players surrounded her, exposed themselves, and made crude comments. Olson sued the Patriots owner, general manager, and public relations director, and several members of the team, and settled for a reported quarter of a million dollars.

As I stand in the Yankees Clubhouse, though, I find myself thinking more about decorating than nudity. Players are supposed to put their dirty laundry in the four gray bins in front of the pillars, but some have made bad tosses, so shirts and socks lie on the floor directly next to them. As I cringe and step back toward the main room, I see Derek Jeter walking toward his cubby. I smell my armpits — not bad — take a few halting steps toward him, and introduce myself. He shakes my hand and I vow to lick it as soon as I leave the room.

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