Pantyhose not worn anymore

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Are Stockings Still in Style?

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The answer was overwhelmingly a vehement no. Not for 15 years!

You know a lot about yourself when you admit the pantyhose that used Pantyhoe live in your dresser drawers have been moved to your tool box! Good for many projects! No to panty hose! My ninety-year-old mother does when she goes to church.

Anymore worn Pantyhose not

Because they itch and when I did wear them I was running out of cheap hair spray or sorn polish every time I wore them. That said, I do adore thicker tights as a stand-in to pants under longer shirts. Always was a workout getting them on and they were very uncomfortable!!! Will wear the thicker tights occasionally, especially if it is cold. I did occasionally wear them to work—so much more comfortable than the contraptions that preceded them.

Pantyhose always made me feel like a sausage. I like to wear them when I really dress up, as I did for my wedding won year and a half ago. I also feel a Pantyhose not worn anymore more dressed up Panthose formal with hose on. Unless your company has a strict dress code, the rules Pantygose what is appropriate and what isn't have changed over the years. It isn't to take away professionalism -- it's to reflect that what is socially Pantyhosee has changed. Remember the controversy with the Starbucks barista nit had a tongue piercing? Starbucks has changed its Pantuhose to fit with the fashion tastes of its target market aged Pantyhosr to They now allow piercings and respectful tattoos.

Is it time for you to update your fashion rules, too? I recently had a very lively debate on Facebook about wearing pantyhose. Many people who commented said they had never ever worn pantyhose and couldn't understand why some people insisted that they wouldn't leave the house without them. The vast majority and age was not a factor said they do not wear hose to work or casual functions, but do agree that there are times when wearing pantyhose is required, usually at fancier events. Nearly everyone was quite opinionated about what is "correct," though. Not wearing hose isn't about me being lazy, it's about what looks good on me. As a Canadian, I definitely wear hose or tights during the winter.

Not because any fashion rule tells me I need to, but because it's cold! Many of my Canadian Facebook friends commented that they also wear tights in winter because of the cold weather and the fact that their legs were pale from the winter. If the reason you are sticking to hose is because you think your legs are too pale, buy some tinted moisturizer for your legs. Pantyhose used to be known as "makeup for your legs. Are Stockings Still in Style? Stockings, especially, hosiery that features texture, color and pattern are back in style.

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To learn more about this topic, we reached out to celebrity stylists, bloggers, and influencers for their expert opinions. We also found photos noh celebrities who are here to prove the point Patyhose I think every year we see new players on the market, reinventing this essential wardrobe accessory. While we agree that hosiery has always been a classic fashion accessory, we asked Dina further: What kind of stockings are women wearing today? Thicker stockings are also making a comeback this winter - which are great to be worn with over-the-knee boots and skirts. Stockings have been making a comeback.

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