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Physical Characteristics of the Koala

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koaal Other names suggested by European authors included Marodactylus cinereus by Goldfuss inP. During the Oligocene and Miocenekoalas lived in rainforests and had less specialised diets. The genus Phascolarctos Asult from Litokoala in the late Miocene [15] [17] and had several adaptations that allowed it to live on a specialised eucalyptus diet: The reduction in the size of large mammals has been seen as a common phenomenon worldwide during the late Pleistoceneand several Australian mammals, such as the agile wallabyare traditionally believed to have resulted from this dwarfing. A study questions this hypothesis, noting that P. These forms are distinguished by pelage colour and thickness, body size, and skull shape.

The pouch has a strong sphincter muscle at the opening to prevent the joey from falling out. The opening is towards the bottom of the pouch rather than at the top. Photo by Wendy Blanshard Koala body temperature The Koala's body temperature is consistently lower than most mammals, at Koala heart rate The resting heart rate of a Koala is anywhere between beats per minute it will depend on a range of factors, including the age of the Koala.

Koala Adult

They live in the tall eucalypt forests and low eucalypt woodlands of mainland eastern Australia, and on some islands off the southern and eastern coasts. Koalas eat only some of these. They are very fussy eaters and have strong preferences for different types of gum leaves. Within a particular area, as few as one, and generally no more than two or three species of eucalypt will be regularly browsed we call these 'primary browse trees' while a variety of other species, including some non-eucalypts, appear to be browsed occasionally or used for just sitting or sleeping in. Like pasture for sheep, the available gumtrees can only feed a certain number of Koalas.

Very much like the South American sloths in lifestyle, the koala bear has an extremely slow metabolism and takes days to digest a meal. The koala bear has a broad face with forward facing eyes, a large head with round tufted ears and an egg-shaped tailless body covered with plush grey to brown fur that is whiter on the undersides and often mottled over the rump.

They are not social at all, marking out clear territories, and actively avoiding each other throughout most of their lives, other than for very brief mating encounters. Naturally, the koala has a darling expression, but its big head contains one of the smaller brains percentage wise in the animal kingdom, and a rather primitive one at that. With its only natural enemy, the dingo, delegated to the ground, the koala is basically safe from threat. Birds of prey or snakes may take Adult koala occasional youngster or small female, but this is rare. The biggest issue koalas face is their own territorial and anti-social nature. There is a finite number of koalas that can comfortably coexist in a particular area of wild habitat, and when territory is depleted by human encroachment, the individuals whose trees are lost usually perish.

Fortunately, the fabulous koala is not endangered and can still be viewed in the wild. They are deliberate climbers and do not swing from branch to branch like some monkey or rodent species. The joey leans out of the pouch opening on the centre of the mother's abdomen to feed on the pap, stretching it open towards the source of the pap, and therefore 'downwards' or 'backwards'. This is why Koalas are sometimes said to have a 'backward-opening' pouch, although this is not strictly true. The baby feeds regularly on the pap, and as it grows it emerges totally from the pouch and lies on its mother's belly to feed.

Eventually it begins to feed upon fresh leaves as it rides on her back. The young Koala continues to take milk from its mother until it is about a year old, but as it can no longer fit in the pouch, the mother's teat elongates to protrude from the pouch opening. Young Koalas remain with their mothers until the appearance outside the pouch of the next season's joey.

It is then time for the joey to disperse and find its kolaa home range. If a female does not reproduce each year, the joey stays with her longer and has a greater chance of survival alone. Female Koalas generally live longer than males, as the males are more often injured during fights, and occupy poorer habitat.

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