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Phyiscal to your lungs: We use the stethoscope to listen for abnormal lung sounds as you breathe. These sounds may include shallow breathing or crackles that may indicate a problem with the lungs. Examining your head and neck: Using a special handheld light source, we check your throat, teeth and gums for problems. We use the same device to check your ears, nose vidfo eyes. Checking your digestive organs: Providers may examine your liver by gently tapping the area above your stomach. We may also use a stethoscope to listen for abnormal sounds in your large intestine bowels. Assessing your nerves and brain functioning: We ask you to perform simple tasks, such as looking at an object so we can watch eye movements.

These tests help us assess the health of your nerves, reflexes, balance and other brain functions. We may recommend preventive services including health screenings and vaccines, such as a flu shot. Find out more about flu shots. Screenings Health Screenings In addition to your physical exam, we may recommend one or more special health screening tests. These tests assess your risk for common health problems, such as heart disease and cancer.

The study found no effect on the risk of illness, but did find evidence suggesting that patients subject to routine physicals were diagnosed with hypertension and other chronic conditions at a higher rate than those who were not. Its authors noted wxamination studies often failed to consider or report possible harmful outcomes such as unwarranted anxiety or unnecessary follow-up proceduresand concluded that routine health checks were "unlikely to be beneficial" in regards to lowering cardiovascular and cancer morbidity and mortality. Doctor-patient relationship In addition to the possibility of identifying signs of illness, it has been described as a ritual that plays a significant role in the doctor-patient relationship that will provide benefits in other medical encounters.

The healthcare provider uses the senses of sight, hearing, touch, and sometimes smell e.

Male physical examination video Adult

Taste has been made redundant by the availability of modern lab tests. Four actions are taught as the basis of physical examination: What is examined[ edit ] While elective physical exams have become more elaborate, in routine use physical exams have become less complete. Your doctor may wish to check each testicle for signs of a problem, including lumps, changes in size, and tenderness. Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm screening: This is a one-time screening test done with an ultrasound. It is recommended for all men ages who have ever smoked. Both men and women: Colon colorectal cancer test: Tests for this cancer usually begin at age It may be sooner based on personal health conditions and family history.

An annual low-dose CT scan of the lungs is recommended for both men and women ages who have smoked for a significant period of time or who are currently smoking.

We tee your vital signs, around blood pressure, papyrus and temperature, to social sure they are within architectural expenses. Your accelerate might have romantic tests.

Talk to your doctor to see if your smoking history warrants a lung cancer screen. However, a depression screening at examinaion checkup can help your doctor to see mals your symptoms are a result of depression. If you have a family history or risk factors for diabetes — such as being overweight or having high blood pressure or exammination cholesterol — you should be screened for diabetes. Your doctor may use the fasting AAdult sugar test or the A1C test. All individuals born between and are recommended to have a one-time blood test to screen for hepatitis C.

All adults continue to need vaccinations throughout their lifetime. Talk to your doctor about which vaccinations are recommended based on your age. Based on your personal sexual history, regular STI screenings during each routine physical exam may be suggested. This can include HIV and syphilis testing. Your doctor may recommend taking a one-time HIV test for preventive purposes, or having it done more than once if you regularly have unprotected sex. In this type of exam, your doctor may only look at a certain part of your body to confirm their suspected diagnosis.

Where and how will the exam be administered? When additional screenings or imaging tests are recommended, they may be completed at an imaging center or hospital. What are the risks of the test?

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