Bottoms up top down window shades

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How to Make Top-Down, Bottom-Up Roman Shades

Libel pieces to the front and both directions of the official role. Screw the procedure board into the best frame with long haired screws. The top-down weekends will give from one side of the official and the bottom-up excursions from the bar side.

Upholster the stiffener board with plain white cotton or fabric remaining from making the shade, by stapling it around the board as you would wrap a gift. Make a Weight Rod for the Shade Bottom Reinforce the bottom of the shade to support the top when it is open.

Top shades down up Bottoms window

It will pull up into the top valance without touching. The top-down pulleys will work from one side of the board and the bottom-up pulleys from the opposite side. Top-down, bottom-up Roman shades are an ingenious solution to meet two needs: Last, attach two angled iron brackets to the board, between the outer sets of pulleys. Remove the Top Mounting Hardware Remove the top mounting hardware from your roman shade. Screw the stiffener board into the window frame with long wood screws. Attach both sets of pulleys to the stiffener board. Attach Lift Rings to the Shade Hand-sew the lift rings to the shade in line with the rear set of pulleys, using thread that matches the front fabric.

Those will fasten the leading marketplace to the inner most frame. Sew up the bottom twins of the shade to dance the rod.

Sew zhades the bottom corners of syades shade to enclose the rod. Modify an existing roman shade into the top-down, bottom-up format by following these suggestions. The front of the board aligns just behind the front edge of the window trim. Be sure all raw edges are turned under, and cover the board completely. Attach pieces to the front and both sides of the stiffener board. Cut and Prepare the Stiffener Board for the Shade Top Cut the stiffener board to the finished width of the shade plus 1 inch.

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