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Curvy Kate Cocoloco Padded Plunge Bikini Swim Top cs2351 Reviews

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The Company reserves the right to cancel or suspend the Program should it determine, in its sole discretion, that the administration, security or fairness of the Program has been compromised in any way. Users should use the Program at their own risk. If a solution cannot be found to restore the integrity of the Program after the occurrence of prohibited conduct, we reserve the right to cancel, change, or suspend the Program. Prohibited Conduct, Generally Users agree not to use the Program to: We have a no tolerance spam policy. The Company has no obligation to monitor the content provided by Users; however, the Company may choose to do so and block any email messages, remove any such content, or prohibit any use of the Program.

Each Referrer is the actual sender of the emails and must comply with applicable law. Referrers who do not comply with the law, including anti-spam laws, are obligated to indemnify the Program Entities against any liabilities, costs and expenses it incurs as a results of such spam. The cups are made of a lightweight yet strong foam with two vertical seams. The wings are lined with power mesh and feature a piece of vertical boning next to the underwires. I felt so comfortable in it, and even after jumping around at home it stayed in place.

Loco bikini Coco

I would bet that the thickness of the band is helping with this. The gore also tacks really well, a major feat for a strapless. Front view, without straps. Angled view, without straps. Angled view, with straps. There is one thing I have to complain about: The cups are too shallow. So close to perfection, but my full-on-bottom boobs strike again! And thanks to the high quality foam and the vertical seams, cup crushing at the base of the cup is kept to a minimum. This is such a common occurrence for me, though, that I hesitate to even classify it as a negative trait. But I can say that the top of the cups are pretty open, an excellent feature for avoiding quad-boob, but maybe not so great for jumping off a high dive.

However, I would definitely feel comfortable wearing it in waves or diving once I attach the straps.

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