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She could feel his very large cock pulsate excitedly. It was a slow process, I was afraid he would wake, not to mention as thick as it was I had trouble take him in, I struggled but finally got it to slide in and took him all the way until I felt his briefs against me. I just layed there enjoying the feel of dads cock buried deep in me, this was a wonderful feeling so I dozed off, my ass pressed against him so that his cock would stay buried in my ass, I woke early, not wanting dad to wake to this, I slid out of bed got a rag and cleaned his cock gently. A little later dad came walking out of the room, none the wiser, but I did notice that this morning dad had an erection showin in his briefs, nothing was said as he poured a cup of coffee, and read the paper.

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When he was finished, Cum dads left his cock in me and pulled Cuum close to dwds it rads me. Chm were having breakfast the next morning and nothing was said about what happened, but we got started on other conversations and acted like nothing happened. For the next several months dad would climb into bed and slide himself in Cmu, about three nights a week he would fuck me, the rest we would just sleep with his dade buried in me, never say a word about it, and carried on daily as usual. I decided I wanted to taste him, so I waited for dad to get out of the shower one evening, I went in his room and struck up a conversation with him, he was wearing a towel around his waist, he walked over and sat in a chair as we talked, I got up and strolled over near him, I quickly dropped to my knees pulled the towel open and took his cock in my mouth, it all happened so fast he did not have time to respond or try to stop me, he tried to pull away but I had the upperhand as I pressed him in his chair so that he could not stop me, his cock was wonderful feeling in my mouth.

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