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I studied that Polaroid thinking it might be a clue to who my uncle was.

Fantasy photography Gay

I found myself drawn to depictions of hyper-masculinity that seemed at odds with the conventional views of gay men. Fascinated with the sexual liberation and visibility of gay men afterI watched probably every documentary I could about the AIDS epidemic. Pacifico Silano is a photographer based in Brooklyn, N. The experience made me feel closer to this outsider that the family forgot.

When I'm lost for an idea in the studio, I'll look up at that old Polaroid and I'll remember how my journey began. I took that Polaroid fanyasy my uncle and I hung it up on my studio wall. Around this time I had a major falling out with my father over being gay. Stiffs, Skulls and Skeletons: It would serve as motivation and a constant reminder of Frank and of how lucky I am to be gay and alive today. I began re-contextualizing images from old magazines, found photographs and negatives, in part as a way of breathing life into the past. Sometimes I like to think that he's guiding me through my own work. I started reading about the Stone Wall Riots and the gay rights movement.

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My attempts to phtography more photographs and stories of my uncle yielded no results. I figured if I could know him, Photographg might have a better sense of myself. Consisting of one hundred cropped headshots of male centerfolds, I chose models from issues that ranged between the years and the year Blueboy published their first article on AIDS. In the picture he seemed so serious, wearing a coat and tie with the camera's flash reflected in a nearby mirror.

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