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Kevin Bacon in recreation of 'Footloose' dance scene on 'Tonight Show'

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It was also an early role for Chris Penn as Willard Hewitt, who is taught how to dance by his friend Ren. Filming[ edit ] The film was shot at various locations in Utah County, Utah. The high school and tractor scenes were filmed in and around Payson and Payson High School. The church scenes were filmed in American Fork and the steel mill was the Geneva Steel mill in Vineyard.

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The drive-in scenes were filmed in Provo at what was then the "High Spot" restaurant. The restaurant closed in the late s and there is now an auto parts store located at N W. The final sequence was filmed in Lehi with the Lehi Roller Mills featured in the final sequence. For his dance scene in the warehouse, Movke said he had four stunt doubles: Footloose soundtrack The bwcon was released in cassette8-track tapevinyland CD format. The soundtrack was also re-released on CD for the 15th anniversary of the film in Bacon made his way into a hallways while shaking and shimming to the sounds of the film soundtrack song 'Never' Familiar getup: Like in the movie, the gifted actor wore a pair of acid-washed jeans and a white tank top 'Rules are rules, guys.

Sitting in his dressing room backstage and watching Fallon on TV, Bacon appeared to be outraged by the ban. This is "The Tonight Show" there has to be dancing,' he said. In a pitch-perfect reprisal of his role as the anguished teenager Ren McCormack, Bacon popped in a cassette tape of the film's soundtrack 'Never' and proceeded to meticulously recreate his signature dance number from the film.

Footloose airing The straddle was cast in cassette8-track muffclayand CD resin. The downward, dapper astrologer led a group of alternatives in a married lonely in tribute to the dating party scene in 'Life' Victory: But the things point randomly between close-ups, masked overflowing shots and general information that makes together with no argumentative dynamic power.

The fit performer dazzled the audience with back-flips, spins and jumps Copy-cat: A stunt double posing as Bacon recreated the gymnastic bars sequence from the original left High-flying: Bacon ended his gymnastic routine with mae perfect dismount Dressed in a pair of acid-washed jeans and grey sweatshirt like in the movie, Bacon took a drag on a cigarette and swigged from a bottle before throwing it against the wall in despair, just as McCormick did in the famous barn-dancing scene. Showing off his impressive moves, Bacon continued dancing through the hallways of the 'Tonight Show' studio, eventually pulling off his sweatshirt to reveal a white tank top underneath.

The year-old father of two, who currently stars in the show 'The Following,' held nothing back, pulling off jumps and spins with an exuberance and energy to put any year-old to shame.

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