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Why I Wear a Bikini in Front of My Daughter

So they will see economies in bikinis or less. Very's no moral Weaaring code you have to go just because you're a mom. Sterling Slick since I became a mom two stories ago, I stopped certain a bikini and I've enlisted every trip to the exact or even since because of it.

I guess there's an easy fix; I could wear motheds more flattering suit, like a one-piece. And I do own a few. I like my bikinis. Mt more importantly, I like wearing one in front of my daughter. The truth is, I've never been a big fan of my body. Even as a super-skinny college kid, there were plenty of dark days when I prattled on in a journal about how much better life would be if I could lose just 10 pounds, make that 15, I restricted my eating. For years, I went up, I went down. Everyone had an opinion. There were friends who told me I looked great; a boyfriend who told me to work out more; my parents who always praised me; and a male business associate who told me over cocktails that to ever work in any meaningful way in New York, I'd have to shave off at least 15 pounds.

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I was 25 and a size two. I do not want my daughter on the body roller coaster her mother has ridden for 30 years. For one thing, I find bikinis more comfortable than their heavily constructed counterparts. The hotter it is motners, the less fabric I want on my body. For years, I wore my beloved bikinis with trepidation -- fighting an inner monologue of shame that told me I had no Wearinh wearing one, or covering them up in gauzy sundresses to save myself the biikni. But in my first summer as a mom, I'm trying something new. I'm pushing the anxiety -- and the sundresses -- to the side. I've never looked "worse" in a bikini, that's for sure. Bikuni tight body of my 20s is gone, and despite all that prenatal yoga, I've got a gut and some legs on me now.

But I feel freer than ever in my bikini, and I'm wearing it for her. I wear a bikini in front of my daughter because I want her to know that life is about a hell of a lot more than being a size two. Because I want her to learn by my example that curves are not only OK, but part of being a woman. Even though I've always loved wearing a bikini, once I had kids I started to worry that other people would think it was weird to see me in a two piece. I don't stick out in a bikini, I look very average. I've simply always loved wearing them regardless of how I look in them because they bring back fond memories of summers spent with friends and family vacations.

I feel good about myself when I'm laying by the water with nothing but a layer of sunscreen between the sun and my stomach. Still, I bought into this idea that I shouldn't wear a binkini as a mom, that people would think I was trying to pretend to act sexy or younger than I was if I dared to put one on for a trip to the pool. So two summers ago, as a mom to two infants, I decided to trade in my bikini for a sensible tankini.

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I dragged my family to stores for weeks, never finding anything I loved, before settling on a purple, black and green patterned tankini with a solid black swim skirt that I bought only because I didn't hate it, and I was running out of time before I left for vacation. Every single second that I wore that tankini, I felt bad. Some of my female friends are fit and thin and muscled, some are softer and curvy, some have tan lines all over the place, some are frightfully pale, some possess that so-called "thigh gap," some have more tummy rolls than they probably like, but all of them are very real. Thank you for being comfortable in whatever you're wearing and for showing my girls that confident, bathing-suit-wearing women come in all shapes and sizes.

Secondly, my friends are participating. They show up at the beach or the pool in their skimpy suits, and then they get in the water. Where models pose, still and airbrushed, dry hair artfully placed around them, my friends are playing and talking and tanning and changing diapers and reading and racing and cannon-balling and eating chips and kayaking. I want my kids to have many female role models so they can see for themselves that being a woman may mean many things, but it should not mean trying to look a certain way in order to please other people. Some women, like me, will show them this by wearing a t-shirt and board shorts into the water because that's how we're most comfortable, but I need other women in their lives to show them that it's OK to be comfortable in a bikini, too.

As a parent, I do feel the weight of responsibility to teach my daughters modesty and safety and to dress appropriately wherever they are. It is up to me and my husband, even if he does prefer to stay out of this one to decide if and when our daughters are old enough to choose their own bathing suits, what those suits should look like, and to teach them that certain items of clothing may be fine for the beach but are not appropriate to wear other places. But my daughters are going to be told by the world around them that they need to look a certain way and dress a certain way, regardless of what I say to them or allow them to wear when they are young.

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